Meet 19 year old french and haitian beauty love4dream from France. She can have jogging pants on with a sweat shirt and still make you look twice and say to your self DAMN!! Check out her website

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  • 901 Gangsta

    WHOA she bad wifey of the year should go to her DAMN

  • Big Von

    Haitian and French? She black! Black people are the only ones who think adding another culture to their dna makes them sexy…she look like eve son!

  • Nuttyboy

    She is Black nothing more. WTF
    Je parle francais et elle est tres belle. Elle peut me suce comme bill clinton.
    I know some french too. haha

  • T-Fleezee

    Boooooooo! Beauty but no booty! I’ll pass she has NO ass!

  • hodgeprt

    Im an ass man also buts she is beautiful she could jus gain a little weight and she would b perfect. I need the rest of vid #2 ASAP admin

  • PayDayRay

    Yeah she do look like Eve. But Eve dont have a rack like that son.

  • East Baltimore Veteran

    Gotta say she ain’t stacked enuff 4 me..

  • Smith

    She is fine and beautiful, however she is young. She cant even bring a bro a six pack.

  • KingKong

    She will never get enough credit.

  • 901 Gangsta


  • weezyiswayne609

    i seen better on here she bad though

  • tino

    she gon be the baddest b1tch in the world in 5-6 years… lol… when she get some meat on that bottom half… her booty still look like its tight… when dat thang loosen up, she gon be hell…

  • Guru51

    she’s nice, real nice

  • prime706

    i want to nut on them tittys.

  • go get it

    Im an ass man but them titties is lookin right!! If only she had ass to go with it. I co-sign BIG VON. This chic is black. Black people please be proud of yourselves. We are the baddest race to walk the planet. WAKE UP!

  • PayDayRay

    My bad she look like eve if eve was a dime.

  • Mike

    Nobody saying she isn’t “black”. That’s pretty obvious to see. You don’t have to focus on race all the time. She is from France. Her dad is Haitian and her mom is French. Anyway she isn’t doing any modeling anymore. These pics are at least 2 or 3 years old.

    Whoever said this chick looks like Eve needs their eyes checked. Eve is one ugly heffa, while Love4Dream is a fucking goddess.

  • DEN2


  • The pic #12 is killa!

  • DEN2

    SHE GAY…..THAT COULD BE GOOD?????!!!!!!!!

  • weezyiswayne609

    what the fuck does it matter if she sayin she is more then just black let her do her damn focus on the ass and face lol

  • Nemrod

    Damned, cute, fine with wonderfull big tits, no fakes like US boobs, i’ll aqppreciate french products.

  • ThaGR81

    cute but not enough butt

  • 757 Lover boy

    she is looking right in most of those pics, she got some juicy breast, would love to suck on them and squeeze on them if you know what i mean, she is smashable.

  • 757 Lover boy

    the pic were she is in the white with her legs spread, whoo wee that’s what i’m talking about, damn she is fine as hell!!!!

  • Don't worry

    she cool…seen better..

  • Dj

    Her name… Shirley Martinet !

    Elle était avec moi en bep compta au lycée léo lagranges à bondy !

    • FtLMale

      DJ, are you saying her name is Shirley Martinet and she used to live with her in school?