Tuesday’s dyme of the day goes by the Dela Monet. Check out the video from the photo shoot below.What do you rate Dela?

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  • Forty and Fly guy

    She is a dyme to me. While not overally beautiful, she has a good mixture of looks and thickness and sex appeal.

  • 4REAL


  • Mo-Z

    I was going to hate on her until , I seen the video then I was like damn, OK
    the pics does nothing for her, but on camera she the truth she should be in film not photography. on video her ass was so plump. my type of yellow bone

  • jfizzle

    Yes truly sexy.

  • zlon

    very sexy. video was nice.

  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    Nice way to start off the hump day… I gotta nickle & $.03

  • 9…I wish that she had a bigger butt. PEACE!!!

  • ginobli

    man ask her when can i smash lol she a bad 1

  • Jimbo

    she average



  • DHaynes

    NOW we have a Dyme! So many times we see “Dyme of the Day” and she aint worth 2 Dingy A$$ nickles, but this one is ON ONE! The selection crew did a good job with this one… She IS a keeper!

  • drestackones

    can u plz post dymes who are not lightskin sometimes thank u

  • JoeBlack2k8

    Great selection for dyme of the day!!

  • karl anglin

    Remarkable model