Dwight Howard Taking Shots At LeBrons Hairline?

· June 30, 2011

Dwight Howard Lebron diss pic

Dwight Howard is the 1st person to diss some one planking and that some one happened to be Lebron James. Shots FIRED!!

Followers response to the pic.
Dwight Howard Lebron diss pic

Dwight reply’s
Dwight Howard Lebron diss pic

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  • plk

    lol.. shots fired

  • Vinny Idol

    god dont like ugly

  • moorfedayeen

    Damn, that was kinda harsh. He can’t help his hairline.

  • Word Life

    Dwight Howard is a front running clown. Cant stand this dude attitude. Comes off fake to me…….Bron do need to just cut it off though..

  • ginoBrown

    Lmao, its funny cause its true.

  • imone

    alot of men of bald, and lifting weight speeds up the process, nothing really funny.

    • moorfedayeen

      Are u serious???? I lift and my line has gone back a tad bit but nothing like Lebron. Damn!

  • supafly

    Isnt there some kinda of spray that helps with black men hairline

    • http://www.atlnightspots.com Hahz

      Ya beijing dye