Check out pictures of Draya, Mizz DR, Stephanie Santiago & Miss Eye Candy up in the club. Who do you think looked the best?



Miss Eye Candy

Stephanie Santiago

  • Mz DR got this!!

  • onthegrind

    I hardly ever comment on the photos but Got da#nm Mizz DR is that woman! I mean the others are banging like Santiago, but Mizz DR looks like she knows what she doin in the bedroom. And she got a good job, she still a DJ right. And that loop of Te’o is hilarious!

  • President Ward

    I got Mizz DR and is that presto in pic #3? My dude got a conehead.

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • WildWild

    damn wth Mz. DR do? in my Steve Harvey voice… ooooohhhhh weeeeee

  • Boss Mac

    that dam mz dr know she is so dam sexy. I would lick her azzhole in front of my mom, her mom, every fuccin body

  • Mizz DR won this with minor ease,even my fine piece stephanie has to nod her head to her. Miss Eye Candy actually is kinda…pretty. *manti te’o in dorm seeing pics* “yeah! she’s hot,right valerie?”

    • President Ward

      Mizz DR is straight up FIRE!

      • @ward yes sir. Hopefully,this means we’ll see more of her this year. She looks smaller in person though.

  • BullnBearHP


  • RunTellDat

    Da fucc is up with Mizz Dr hair in that red dress?? Anyway, her stock is going down inch by inch. i would choose Santiago, but with all the weight she been losing lately, i aint feelin her, so i choose none!

  • Miguel_T

    DR easily.

  • ginoBrown

    DR thicker than cornbread

  • ginoBrown

    DR thicker than cornbread

  • TYBO2020