Drake ‘Started From The Bottom’

· February 1, 2013

Coming earlier than expected, Drake releases his highly anticipated lead single “Started From The Bottom”, which will serve off his forthcoming studio album. Produced by Mike Zombie.

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  1. Atlien says:

    Goddddamn! This s*** is fire!!!!!

  2. Citah says:

    You know this album gonna sell when it drops.

  3. NYNY says:


  4. Real_talk says:

    trash… his first singles usually sound trash but this is straight garbage…. nothing good lyrically..

  5. Mo says:

    Glad ****** aren’t going nutts because the single is meh

  6. Just_Saying says:

    i dont even like young cottonball like that but i know this ***** can spit better and make a better track than this.

  7. Trap ** says:

    This song sounds like an album transition honestly.

  8. Realtalkin says:

    This sound that these new rappers are adopting, same wack way of rapping is the reason why rap is mostly weak nowadays with exception of a few

  9. Big ALbert says:

    “Started from DeGrassi”

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