Drake ‘Started From The Bottom’ (Music Video)

· February 10, 2013

Right after winning the category for Best Rap Album for Take Care at the 55th Grammy Awards, Drake releases the highly anticipated visuals for his first single “Started From The Bottom”.

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  1. Pceezy says:

    I can’t wait to see some ass shaking to this one!!!!

  2. mo says:

    This ***** Drake on fire right now, gawt damm

  3. Ziggity says:

    It’s cool

  4. Oscho215 says:

    dope video, I like it better than the song.

  5. Cease says:

    Who was that female in the store tho ?

  6. Kdot says:

    Boi-1da buying a box of trojans.Cameos from everybody on his team.

  7. Just_Saying says:

    4:12-4:16 needs to be a gif

  8. Just_Saying says:

    Video is pure f’ing fire

  9. Ice says:

    The song is growing on me, its definitely catchy.

  10. Passdatgreen says:


  11. Camaro434 says:

    Who is the chick? Come on, don’t do this to us!

  12. jganer says:

    The girl in the video is Toronto Model Tassja Dawn.

  13. Mister Mister says:

    Liked the track as soon as I heard it. Like the video as well. Ol girl at the counter is definitely official

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