Drake Confirms He’s Young Money Forever (Video)

· February 19, 2013


Don’t get it twisted.. just because Drake is serving drinks to Jay-Z & Beyonce during the All Star game doesn’t mean he is planning on exiting the Cash Money empire. Drake confirms he is Young Money forever.

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  1. truthteller says:

    Hes stupid I guess he doesnt realize hes bigger than ymcmb he needs to make the Jay-Z career move and brake away an become his own boss no h8 jus sayin

  2. Bobby REDS says:

    Baby must of put the cal in drakes mouth again. pause.

  3. 1luv says:

    Take a trip back to memory lane in Hip Hop: just about every major artist that was at the top claim they are with their clique. I beg the differ cause I know the sh!t going to turn south. It’s only a matter of time.

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