Drake & Chris Brown Suing Each Other Over WIP Nightclub Fight

· February 14, 2013

Drake and Chris Brown’s issues aren’t over yet, their fight at WIP this past summer isn’t over yet. A while back, Romain Julien, a French model, filed a lawsuit against Drake, Chris Brown and the club for the injuries he suffered during the bottle-throwing fight. Now according to TMZ, Drake and Chris have both filed legal docu*ents, putting the blame on the other person. Both of them deny responsibility for the fight and feel the other person should pay for any damages that Romain might get if he wins the lawsuit.

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  1. Big ALbert says:

    “Touch me and I’ll sue” lookin azz niccas

  2. 1luv says:

    .Even if they do have money, none of them not trying to pay for some innocent bye standard.

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