Dr. J says Bynum was “Damage Goods” and you can’t “TRUST” the Lakers and Celtics

· June 7, 2013


Erving said he believes the owners will turn the 76ers into a championship contender, but cautioned that it will require a degree of shrewdness and common sense to make it happen, alluding to the team’s ill-fated acquisition of Bynum, whose knee injuries prevented the center from playing last season, as a major misstep.

“When you talk to the Lakers, when you talk to the Celtics, when you talk to — well, those two in particular — the guy on the other end of the phone has his fingers crossed,” Erving said. “So whatever he’s telling you, he’s not telling you the truth. He’s working a deal for him. And what happened to us last year with getting damaged goods hopefully will only happen once. And that’s the extent of that learning curve.”

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  1. jamarxyz says:

    Phillie played themself….cant blame nobody….Bynum had too many knee problems to begin with.

  2. Aaron says:

    Everybody knew that he had knee problems so as much as I respect Dr. J, he has to realize that the sixers put themselves in a trade that they didn’t have to be involved in to begin with.

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