If you were wondering why Beyonce fans with a Apple product were going crazy Thursday night, Beyoncé has released her new album. It appears to be called BEYONCÉ — either that or it has no ti*le at all — and is being dubbed as a “visual album,” which continues 2013’s trend of pop stars delivering highly anticipated albums in highly impractical formats. Let’s blame it on “disruption.

VIDEO: Beyonce – Beyonce “Pretty Hurts” Video (Preview)

The album — her fifth — has 14 tracks and 18 videos, making this like the Beyoncé version of storing food as you go to hibernate for the winter. Features include Jay Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, the rest of Destiny’s Child, and daughter Blue Ivy, with production from Timbaland and Pharrell (amongst others).

VIDEO: Beyonce – Beyonce “Jealous” Video (Preview)

The accompanying clips are variously shot in global locations including France, Brazil, Australia and America, and in some cases resemble high-budget holiday videos – seems annoyingly like a you-can-have-it-all boast: all this power and luxury, and a happy family too!

Beyonce Feat. Drake – Mine

Which is rather ironic, as the album likewise seeks to have its cake and eat it – an apt metaphor, in the circu*stances. Following Beyoncé’s bland assertion that “My aspiration in life would be… to be happy”, the opening track “Pretty Hurts” deals with the insecurity and anxieties of a girl undergoing cosmetic surgery, rooted in parental pressure – “Mama said, ‘You’re a pretty girl, what’s in your head, it doesn’t matter’”.

It’s the best thing on the album by far, an undeniably noble attempt to boost female morale which finds its echo later in the feminist manifesto of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie featured in “ Flawless”; yet the rest of the album is an unashamed celebration of the very physical virtues, and the ultimate fulfillment of se*uality they inevitably bring, which leads so many women to suffer those anxieties in the first place.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Pretty Hurts
  2. Haunted
  3. Drunk In Love (Ft Jay Z)
  4. Blow/Cherry
  5. Angel
  6. Yoncé/Parti*ion
  7. Jealous
  8. Rocket
  9. Mine (Featuring Drake)
  10. XO
  11. ***Flawless (Featuring/ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
  12. Superpower (Featuring Frank Ocean)
  13. Heaven
  14. Blue (Featuring Blue Ivy)

The album can be downloaded from itunes at www.itunes.com/beyonce


  • 808s

    This is why Bey is the queen.

  • Adrienne24

    Kind of odd how some songs were split up into separate vids but they are all really quality – each one goes very well with the songs and aren’t pulling some weird Bound 2 stuff on us. All hail Queen Bey!

  • tierakay

    It’s visual art. I think it’s kind of cool actually. I’m no Beyonce fan, but music and visual art are hand in hand, and it works great.

  • Riddim42

    Smart move. no marketing overhead.. no leaks. win + win

    • Bird

      From a marketing stand point this is freaking brilliant. Sure she won’t have any pre-orders however every single news outlet is going be talking about this. Its literally FREE marketing. She doesn’t have to spend a penny on marketing just make the music and say “Yup here ya go”

      Hell I may just buy this album. Just cause I can.

  • Marv

    Judging solely by the iTunes previews… I’d buy it.

  • Atlien

    You don’t even have to like Beyonce but you do have to give her credit for doing something so risky & refreshing as a mega superstar.

    Along with 15 songs there are 15 music videos on the album to create a “visual album”, I think this is a very cool idea with how music videos have been reduced to marketing tool now a days.

    I also think it is cool that she just wants to share her music with her fans and not worry about an album cover, a single, promo etc

  • We eating so much right now fam. This was a genius move by Beyonce and her team. I’m about to buy it off iTunes.