McAfee, the computer security software company released a similarly crazy study that proves you probably just shouldn’t trust anyone. It says that 12% of all people have had bank account numbers, social networking passwords, or se*y photos leaked by an ex, and that 52% of girlfriends have logged onto their boyfriends’ email or social media accounts. For guys, the number is higher—57% have logged onto their partners’ account. How crazy is this?

  • presto 2.5

    Not Surprising…

    I’d like to kno what % has an alias account…besides the tansparent one…

    **Wifey notices AtlNightSpots in browser history**…”I dont kno who this Presto 2.5 is…but i wish he would leave this MoorFeen guy alone…he’s mean!”

    **Prest**…”Yeah baby…dude sounds like a looney bird’

    **Wifey**…”And he has the same charm as you”

    **Prest**…”They made more than one ma”…lol