Happy Fathers day to all the good dads out there.. If you didn’t get any gifts today then I have some treats for y’all. Atlanta’s own Che’ Mack by way of Philly gets the donk of the day award award. You could personally hate women tatt’d up like a ese and still give Che a pass cause of that donk.

  • queso BP.1

    Happy fathers day no doubt……last pic is wassup!!

    • I’d take her over secret moneii LOL,are they related LOL.??

      • queso BP.1

        O no doubt! And 1

        • tone

          @bstraight lol +2

          • 313DeuceBP

            Man i would pass on that dumb ass face she made in the first pic, but she can get it from that last pic. love those thighs to.

      • Red BP World Order

        She a beauty queen compared to Secret Moneii

        at least her teeth don’t look like a stack of uneven Bricks

  • scog81

    Looking sexy in that All black

  • Boyshorts killed it..DAMN!!!!

  • archer

    Nothing special. Smash and Pass.

  • Prime706

    Smashing all the way girl like this are great in the sack. She will show u a real good time.

  • Boston617

    She def a good fathers day gift but dude who said her over secretmonii is crazy! Have u seen secret moniie’s videos ya crazy

  • ballsdeepigo

    BALLS DEEP all day luv the azz on that frame.

  • treydarealest1

    Azz phat in the last pic

  • Realtalkldn

    Last pic is a winner

  • damnshame

    Hellz no yall call Che Mack a good father’s day gift.hellz no more like a father day’s diss….wow

  • Reese215

    too many damn tats. women do not look sexy with a hundred tats on their bodies.

  • Red BP World Order

    Keyshia Cole’s Ugly Twin

    But that last Pic I would pound that out

  • Cutta

    Love Che mack. 4 thumbs up

  • MisterMidas

    Pppaasssss!! Yeah she got azz, but I wouldnt be able to get past them damn tattoos. The more I see tattoos on females, the more I wish it was illegal for biches to get tatts….cause I aint never seen a tattoo I thought was sexy on a bich. Shiit just fukks up a good azz body to me.

  • Sw618

    Tats ruined a nice light skin jawn

  • Ryu hayabusa

    i wanna lick her pussy and ass i want my penis in her butthole

  • Ty-Nils

    Yoooo her body is bananas! without a doubt, but damn shorty look like K-Solo(rapper) in the face. Only OG’s will know who Im talking about lol

  • DCAssLuva


    cus them tats alone ill pass but she phat though

  • drejones

    secret got a better body and can shake the shit outta her ass but this chic face bteer. im hitting secret first

  • TYBO2020



    Man yall stoooopid, she grewup chewin on stones & look EXACTLY like a Hooker tryin to be Alicia Keyes w/ wayyy 2 much ink. Get a life bitch,fo real. You gonna look dumb af when you older , she needs a terminator makeover on that grill

  • franj

    The nigga dat said she looked like K Solo , f$#ked it all up for me.

  • Guntoter 2

    Pic#4..azz is so kissable.