Vera Sidika AKA Vee S Beiby fondly known as Miss Big Booty gets the donk of the day award. She is apparently Kenya’s very own Kim Kardashian. Vee S. Beiby is a student, model, entrepreneur and socialite.



  • she got something HEAVY back there..Sol Novus got this one!

  • **2 chainz voice**..”she got a big booty,so o call her big booty”. Wow that’s a big ol azz. Kenya’s own “Kim K”…LOL smh. She definitely got azz tho LOL.

    @hahz, where’s that chick noni zonda,nona zondi or wuteva her name was???

  • Playboy69

    She got that MOTHERLAND BOOTY!….That come from that fufu….LOL!

    • 850

      @Play bruh you see how TC bring’em out? Got dayum!!!!!!! this is one of the best chocolate women I’ve seen in awhile. She has it all to me. She has a nice rack with the ass and hips to match she’s chocolate and she has her real hair and her face is beautiful to me. I know some will disagree and i’m not mad at all. I’m a simple dude it don’t take much to please me.

      • Playboy69

        @850….All this woman needs is a Tattoo of continent of Africa on her ASS like the old school born star Michelle Tucker!….And Vera Sidika would be a DIMEPIECE CERTIFIED!…LOL!

        • 850

          @play why not the whole globe on her ass bruh? Shit we need a Deelishis and Vera donk poll match up. I think Vera will eat Deelishis lunch. Hahz make it happen. Vera the new Donk champ of ANS!!!!!

          • Playboy69

            Deelishis takes all Challengers she is TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!….LOL!

  • REX!!!

    DAAAAAAMN….to that 1st pic

    Certified like a MOTHAPHUCKA!!!!!

    • MoorKhan

      Yea #TC is known for ish like this. Savor the flavor

      • Nigga put ya pom poms down @mooron,she just a big ol azz. By next week u won’t even remember her name!!

        • 850

          Lmao @ B-strait I will remember her name she’s in my top 10. Dayum she fine.

          • MoorKhan

            This n1gga mad

          • 850

            @Moore that’s what it is bro?

        • presto 2.5


  • President Ward

    GOT DAYUM!!!

  • K-iller

    That bonus pic is epic!

  • Realtalkin


  • mr leftfoot

    Good lawd!!! I got 15 minutes hitting that from the back then I gotta reset

    • I only got 5mins for her @leftfoot LOL. That’s a whole lotta azz

      • mr leftfoot


        • 850

          Shit I’m gonna shoot for 30 min I’m doing cardio I wanna make her cum atleast 3 times before I get mine dammit man.

  • R.E.D(Corp)

    She carrying something mean back there

  • seanjohn100

    shes ugly as hell but she got a nice ass

    • President Ward

      U can’t call nobody ugly real talk.

    • 850

      @seanjohn man u tripping bruh. She’s beautiful.

      • seanjohn100

        not my cup of tea at all but ive noticed my taste vary from pretty much everyone on here lol

        • 850

          @Seanjohn you cool bruh. And I’m not mad but if you ever come across something like this pass her fine beautiful ass over to me.

          • seanjohn100

            lol the ass is phat, im sure id bone. she just cant turn around though

    • missmina

      @seanjohn an wit u wit dat one…..

  • MoorKhan

    #CartoonThick. She built to withstand a drought in Africa while still carrying a child.

  • lazarus

    “She’s your queen to be

    A queen to be forever

    A queen who’ll do whatever

    His Highness desires

    She’s your queen to be

    A vision of perfection

    An object of affection

    To quench your royal fire

    Completely free from infection

    To be used at your discretion

    Waiting only for your direction

    Your queen…to…be!
    I had to do the Coming to America, joint. LOL
    I agree wit errbody assessment

    • Playboy69


      • Realtalkin


  • lazarus

    damn, missed that NSFW. Glad i went back. Lookin like a motherland Buffie in that pic. Wow

    • yeeeeeesaaah!! a REAL donk(excluding my fine piece steph and some others) worth the viewing haha

      • lazarus

        Yeah, fam This is a DONK. Some cats be throwing that word around all will-nilly an be having like a 38 in the hips calling it a 44. LOL SMH You gotta donk if you in that 40 an up club. Making me all emotional.

        • haha @Laz yeah,that’s not my primary but i’d still try my v-card out on this one ya heard me

        • missmina

          loool @lazrus true story..

  • blizzy

    good lawd….. donk sittin heavy … thyck and choco loves it.. that nsfw pic wanna give that donk a 2 hand slap

  • Old Skool Quote

    “I seen her on the ave spotted her more than once. ASS SO PHAT that you could see it from the front!!”
    — Mos Def- Ms. FatBooty

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Day nsfw pic is serious

  • 1luv

    She got the chocolate, I have the whip cream.

  • Big ALbert

    She got a PHAT ASS but her face is meh. She a 7

  • 828jeffe


  • Warlloyd

    HOLY SH*T! Now that’s a donk!!!

  • Cold and Hot

    My heart stopped…..

  • Simba

    good lord

    • MoorKhan

      She the new donk champ. All I needed to see

  • SCOG

    My Goodness. Thick Sista

  • missmina

    this female is in kenya where iam…small world!

  • ginoBrown

    Dat a** is perfect.

  • DCAssLuva

    got fuckin damn stallion stance

  • DCAssLuva

    just seen her ass shaking vid on youtube wow!!…


    laaawd smh