Tia Simone is southern girl with a “Down South Bootay”.

Tia Was Born in North Carolina to a Military Family…and Because of That, Tia Lived in Different States Growing Up…She Eventually Made It Back to Elizabeth City NC Where She Now Calls Home…Tia is a Model/Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist…She’s Been Featured in Show Magazine as Well as Dyme Diva…She’s Also Been in Nelly’s Music Video “WASYANAME”…Tia is 5′ 0″…130lbs…and Her Measurements Are 32-26-44.Follow Her on Twitter… www.twitter.com/tiasimone_

The only thing questionable is no homegrown pictures. Before you put her in your top anything those pics need to be reviewed.

  • datnigga91

    got damn she is crazy thickke !!!!!!!!!! lovin the thcke caves also, she super bad


      yeah thats prime thickness rite thurrr wit a touch of beauty

  • Blue

    Lmao… Hahz you was dead on with that statement, but the video is sufficient if no homegrowns,, but she still avg to me decent face, big butt… her photoshops is nice #2 & #7… but I don’t think she making any top spots with Bria & PJ out there..lol.. Nice look tho! CB

    • Too_Funny

      @Blue this is my #1 challenger to BeautyP.

      • Butta

        Anyone seen that pic Portia posted twice and deleted on Twitter today and last nite?

        • Too_Funny

          @Butta, Portia WHO? lol

          • Butta

            …Jenkins aka BeautyP lol… Im sure her latest pics will be up heresoon sheesh!

    • Too_Funny

      you got to admit she is a cutie with pretty teeth and a nice smile.

      • @ Too funny I second hand that. I love this woman here. Hahz ur a got dayum genius son. Thanks for answering my request homie.

        @ Blue come on man u got to be joking right? Yeah u fucking with us u cool still homie.

        • Blue

          My bad 850 I ain’t know this was chick homie… I thought she was avg… shiid wait a min.. u down south so you can go in yo backyard and pull a couple of these with no prob… She nice and all don’t get me wrong, Smash city all day, maybe it’s the vibe I got she might just be down to earth which is def. a good thing..

          @Too funny u trying to kick it off with BStrait I c… that comment right there gone shoot this post to bout 50+…lol

  • F.B.I.

    B…..u still think this chick is weak? she is wonder woman strong!

    • Too_Funny

      @F.B.I., she can leap tall buildings in a single bout with those stallionare legs of hers.

      • Have mercy is all I have to say fellas. I told ya’ll she’s the truth.

        • presto

          i knew tia was MAJOR…..but STOP IT!!!!!!!!*Updating Top 10*…….no panties pic 3(buffie pose)…playin wit my emotions!!!

          • @ Presto man it’s a shame isn’t it? pic #4

  • Gizmo

    Homegrowns would be nice, but that video showed me everything I needed to see. Thats the kind of azz that would make you walk into a glass door.

    • Lmao @ Gizmo hell yeah homie that’s the kinda azz that will get u slapped by ur ole lady. ** man this chick is in my top 3 ** that **.** it she #1 now come and get some of this **** Portia.

      • Too_Funny

        did yall see her @ the 1:56 – 2:02 mark in the video walkin away.

        @850, that just put her @ my #1 spot also.

        @F.B.I. (Female Bureau of Investigations) i got a case of the missing thong in the video i need you handle lol

        • @ Too funny hell yeah homie shit that MF woke me up during that time duration. All I have to say is that she’s bad and I still love and adore my chocolate ladies. But Bria,Lastarya,L.A Brown,Anowa,Ms.Jucci need to tighten up because right now she got my numba 1 spot. You seen what Hahz said this on the headline. This is a “southern ass” this is what we see in Fl,Ga,Nc,SC,TX,TN,LA,AL,VA on a daily basis. Damn I love the South. These southern chicks so bad till Frankie Beverly had to write a song about them. The song is called “Southern Girls” if ya’ll didn’t know lol. Chi-town where ya’ll @.

          • Too_Funny

            @850, yeah TeamChocolate has to take a back see to Ms Tia Simone. Its gonna be hard to knock her off.

          • presto

            NORTH CACK STAND UP!!!….this is how we get it in doggy….big thick azz women that can cook a mean breakfast…lol…I frequent Elizabeth city often….lotta fine/thick women there!!…but this is the cream of da crop!!!!….encore…..encore!!!

          • @Too funny yes they do homie,yes they do.

            @Presto that’s why I love southern women homie. You just let the world know.

  • Too_Funny

    Pic #8 does it for me. like @Hahz said awhile back…she got a Donk-a-soraus. and those THIGHS omg.

    • Ummm hummm yes it does i’m burning up and nothing can put me out lol.

  • Too_Funny

    @Hahz, thats y we fukk wit you and ANS hard bc you listen and deliver when it comes to you Faithful ANS Constituents. Gotta Luv It.

  • ginoBrown

    Thats more than just a ass, thats a flotation device…she has a cute face also.

    • I second hand that sh1t there homie. @ Gino Brown

  • Ashe tight

    • Cakes

      @Texas C i agree! @850 and Too Funny this the girl you guys been hyping up since the other day?!? hell naaaawwww big disappointment she looks like a short meatballwith an average face and wouldn’t be placed in my top anything lol BeautyP challenger? try again and this time put some effort into it lol

      • Cakes

        oh my bad i thought Texas c said she was “aight” not “tight” lol

      • *Chris Tucker voice* Daaaamn Cakes went innnnn..

      • too funny

        @cakes, here you go again wearing those 3D glasses watching a black and white TV. Did you even watch the video?


        • Cakes

          lol @Too Funny the video did not work in her favor because you see how flat her breast are and that she is cute but average but hey props for the brown skin and no body enhancements i’ll give her that because i’m so over the fake bodies

          • too funny

            @cakes, I’m not into breast like that so she gets a pass from me in that dept.. I pass on women who have big breast and no A**.

            I like my women P.H.A.T. – Pretty Hipps A** & Thighs.

            So I got my satle and cowboy boots cuz I’m fittin to ride this stallion lol

          • Cakes

            @Too Funny im not mad at that there’s a person for every type, the problem was trying to put her in the same bracket as Portia that was the big mistake she can head up the lower ranks like that chick Barbie Brittania,Trina Star etc…lol

          • too funny

            @cakes, I gotcha girl. Portia is fine no doubt but I’m just not that big of a fan of hers.

            The WolfPack put up our Top 15 a couple days ago, you wanna drop urs lol

          • presto

            get’em @cakes, get’em boi!!!!….comparing her to da QUEEN…lol…lol…lol…lol….me and @bstr8 gonna have to giv you a promotion for all da hard work u putn in!!!!!

          • @ Presto man don’t get Cakes head all swollen up. Cakes that’s just pure hate ur talking woman. U said she looks like a meatball? Well I tell you what put some bread on this chick and i’ll eat her. She looks damn good to me. And Beauty.P is not all of that to me i’m sorry. It’s like my dog Too Funny said i’m not a big fan of hers @ all she’s cute but she’s not all of that. U say this chick has no breast shit I could careless about the top but if that bottom is outta hand hell I’ll take it. She looks yummy to me.

  • Tim

    Man the turd cutter on the chick is off the chain.

    • Tim

      Plus, she is cute too.

      • Too_Funny

        @Tim, wassup homie

        • Tim

          @Too, ain’t nothing big hommie. What’s up with u?

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Needs to work on that walk….Seems like a struggle to drag that around. Need more work….

    • @Mr.niceguy man she can walk that same walk right into my car and to the hotel room.

      • Gizmo

        Preach on brotha..this aint Americas Next Top Model

      • ginoBrown

        LoL damn right.

      • Im still the PRINCE!!

        @850 whaaaaannnnnn!!!! & I ain’t even from THA BOOT!! YA HEARD ME?! This chick would make you change ya whole lingo!!

        • @ I’m still the prince she damn sho would homie and that’s no lie. This the type of azz that u see walking down the street that u’ll make a u turn for.

          @ Gino brown I co sign to that my friend.

          @ Gizmo Hell naw this ain’t no America’s next top model i’m not worried about no clothes shoes I don’t give a damn what she’s like. As long as she’s fresh (smelling good) with a pair of T-backs on (thongs,G-strings) sh1t i’m a happy camper.

        • You tell’em again Gizmo.

  • She sick!!! Shorty fine, and she got a dummy. Certified bad *****

  • Chi Capitan

    I don’t have a top 5 or 10 etc. list but now I’m gonna start one. She’s definitely there somewhere. That last pic would be a nice outfit for her to cook and vacuum the house in (along w/ some high heels)

    • Yeah Chi-Cap u need a top 15 list homie. U got to have one see ur a new wolfpack member so I understand. But all of us that’s been on this joint long enough know who we want. But take ur time homie and when u deliver make sure u got the #1 spot right lmao.

      • presto


        • @ Presto come on man. U know I got mad love for ya’ll fella’s but i’m curious to see what Chi Cap top#1 spot will be.

        • Too_Funny

          @presto you and @Bstrait workin hard on those campaign slogans lol i luv it.


          If you want a look of Perfection and Killer instict to get the job done under pressure…..Vote Beauty the Beast for President

          This promotional message has been approved by Teamchocolate. “Melts in you mouth not in your hand”

          • @ Too funny yesssirrrrr!!!! Beauty the beast is pure hell man. Damn that’s a fine ass woman.

  • Steez

    Yea I saw dis chick on dat post Hahz put up earlier for that Straight Stuntin boat ride thing and then I looked her up solid 8 fo sho


    Damn she thicker than some Chocolate milk. Yo Hahz, thats my type right there homie…Short red and thick, don’t get no better.

    • Yo mobboss I tried to tell these cats about this chick. Guess what Mob someone said she’s average. Lol in Fl this is the kinda chick that stay cooped up in the crib until it’s time to go to work,school,church. When she step out man niggaz go crazy this is how shit be.

  • jfizzle

    Yo, she look like a thicker version of Sheenka Adams. Booty ain’t no joke.

  • crabapples

    she look like a sexy midget (no hate). she could get it and she could be weekend wifey too but her proportions are all smashed together with no titties, no waist and no ankles.

    how you dudes can call her #1 is beyond me. she nice but to say she is badder than Portia, Keyshia, Catya, Leanne, Keani etc is fracking ridikulous. my opinion!

    • too funny

      @Crabapples, come on dawg pound, she the same height as a couple of chic on ANS, you know the light skinned shorty with the super thick thighs. Hey no ankles are better than having cankles lol. But you can’t honestly say she just A** and nothing else. Speed bump titties aint so bad but no a** at all can’t be overlooked no matter how fine a women is.

      • crabapples

        @too funny yo i agree with you in some ways. in my opinion, short short chicks with fatties can never be in the same league as a tall chick with a fattie. a tall chick is ALWAYS goonna be more impressive to me, just like a 35 yr old grown-ass woman with a banging body is always gonna be more impressive than a 18-yr old chick with a banging body.

        check this scenario… you see this chick, maliah, and keani walking next to each other down the street… you prolly wont even notice this chick!

      • crabapples

        @too funny i hear you but here’s my point:

        you see this chick, malia and keani walking down the street. Malia and Keani are both 5’7″+. you think you gonna notice this midget? naaahhh… thats why i think cats need to slow down. she is sexy fo sho but she aint no #1.

        • too funny

          @crabapples, I can’t even argue ur point bc ur are right. Tall thick chics are definitely more appealing. I aint gonna lie, I was hypnotized by the a** and thighs.

  • blackandmild

    @ b straitup they clowning on yo girl beauty P but im wit im tho tia bad; she literally donked on they azz lol

  • still118

    wolfpack i aint exaggerating, she a 9. dont believe me, well then take a look @ the video…

  • Southwest

    She was the one who caught my eye in that Straight Stuntin Boat Promotional video a few days ago. Upon further inspection, she’s cute (not beautiful), her gut shows a little more because her tits are small for her size, I hate tattoos, but everything below the waist is perfect for me. I ‘ll throw up a 8.2.

    On a side note, does anybody know if Kayslay be nailing all them Straight Stuntin Models? If so, that n1gga is The Man, damn a Shawty Lo. It’s like that n1gga be in the office like “You know what you got to do to get the cover, right? Make it happen.”

    • Nah he said many of times that he don’t mix biz with pleasure unlike all the other magazines before his that make the models fukk 1st..

    • Gizmo

      @Southwest No doubt…You know Kay Slaying them birds. Btw where you get the .2 from lol

    • crabapples

      yo i disagree with that method. why would you mix bidness and pleasure? it opens it up for all kinds of lawsuits. not smart.

      besides running a magazine will open doors for all kinds of groupies anyway so there will never be a shortage of boots to knock.

  • Cold and Hot

    Damn she stacked 4 sho!

  • BWTiger007


  • t-tyme


  • English

    Yeah she looks good now, build like Pinky use to look before the pork chops and gravy sanwiches. But what would she look like in 5-7 years? A fat rollie polly. I look at sustainability. you marry her, would she hold up like Mya or Stacey Dash? Nope I don’t think so? Remember… She looks good now!

  • Cute face & a nice thick lower body(thighs & hips), nice round butt too. PEACE!!!

  • Chi Capitan

    What up @850. Top 10 for me are: 1) Bria 2) Keani C. 3) Star 4) Temeca Freeman 5) Jazzie Belle 6) Miss Dr 7) Yoncee 8) Tia 9) Nikki B. 10) Portia J

  • Quai-Quai_19

    Cute face, nice body , especially with her phat booty!

  • Detroit Bred

    I dont give a fuckkkkk about the naysayers !!! Tia Simone is bad as fizuck hey I pulled a Joe Budden and banged a famous model before she blew she built just like her It’s a million thick ones in Detroit yea so *** what you smash then bounce I’m not sizing her up or judging her or none of that I’m straight SMASHING LIKE MARIO BROTHERS !!!

  • zlon

    above average face, way above average body, and man the legs !!1 She reminds me of Sabrina Hunter . NICE LOOK !!

  • Jimmy89

    i know damn well she lying about weighing 130

  • 37 STRONG

    I’ll give the chic uh 9. Ass fatt but shit thats what this Site is about right? Keep them Fatt Asses coming!

  • Big Gucci

    Elizabeth City has way more classier & beautiful chics than this! She is not from EC, she is actually from Bertie County/straight chickens & hogs…the only reason she is in raleigh is because EC & VA niggas done ran all thru dat! Trust and believe, take away the make up and hair..u got nothin! Keep posting nice comments though, she thinks shes cute enough for a baller to just sweep her off her feet and put her in a mansion, yet she has nothin to bring to the table! 31 no education at all, cant cook, cant even speak well, with a bastard son! Now when you fuck so much you dont know who hit that thang raw and u got a child….SCANDELOUS! Yall can have that one!

    • milwaukee yung god

      smashaholics…gods dont pay for pussy where im from,it pays us.period. now the dick drinker is decent but what if fam is right! what if she has been ran threw and is looking for a baller. god forbid but i hope all u tia whorshipers aint give praise to a hoe.
      if u reading this tia and dont agree get at me. i got some ways u can get cocksucking cash if u catch my drift.

  • Smashaholics

    Most definitely would smash and leave her looking for her eyelashes in the morning. Matter fact, she gotta leave the same night! She da average fly lookin hoe in the club tryin to get somebody to trick off! but like I say, it aint trickin if u got it though! I’ll pay $100 to ride that big ass!

  • Dopeboifresh

    Lol lol lol lol hahahahahahahahahahah I know this chic & her sister… Are yall sure? a 10? HELL NO! And she old as f@#k to be up here showin her azz and aint getn paid sh1t? 31 wow… and please show me where this midgette was in Nelly’s video? She probably hustled up some bread to fly out to be an xtra! She is not in that video! Find her and I will send her $1000 dollars! real talk! Big booty tho!


  • TruthNYtoVA

    Mos def would smash this. I give her a 7 at the most! She is way to short & stumpy to be a real model. I would use her on a club flyer though… she sexy enough

    • booger32

      Dude, really? a 7? Just look at the booty! The booty makes her at least an 8.5 all day! I’d keep her face down ass up, luke style!

  • milwaukee yung god

    cakes…i wonder how u look lol