Sultry Simon got cakes on cakes on cakes.. Today’s donk of the day winner goes by the name of Sultry Simone standing 5’5 weighing 140 with the measurements of 34-25-42 nuff said. What do you think about her?

These videos will make you a believer…

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  • jfizzle

    Good look, I would have fun with lil momma

    • yup!

      • I agree to that she’s sexy as hell especially in the last pic.

  • Bigstax39

    She is a certified brickhouse ! Got damn.

  • Troy

    nice ass its def fat but no quite a donk!. dont mean nothing tho. after seeing lastarya booty shaking video n how she twerk it dont no other chicks compare. they ass can be fat but damn aint nobody twerk it like that damn girl. portia is my baby but damn she lookin ruff on that pic

    • bigbootylover

      i think its because in this picture portia has on alot of makeup she is one of them chicks that is beautiful natural it dont even look like her for real

  • Poppichuloco

    Some b1tches I like to have on my arm as a show piece and others you just have to leave in the club. This would be one of those.

    Stay thirsty!

  • Tim

    This is one of my 10 dime piece light skin chick she has that unique look. I like the plain Jane look of her with the purple shirt on at the ball park. Still pretty, like I said a 10.

  • ATL Tony

    GOT DAMN Hahz you wasn’t lying i was about 2 say she only ok but that first video TOTALLY changed my mind. I would tear that ass up from the back on everything my niggas.

    • ATL Tony

      Is it real Hahz?

      • Spook

        im askin da same thing …her ass is pokin

        • MoorFedayeen

          It’s really a shame when you even have to wonder that. I saw both those vids before but I was blown away by the first one. It’s lookin kinda suspect in the club pics though. I don’t even care. Damn, what all these urban models hang out? I see Portia

      • @Tony I think it passes inspection after watching those videos

        • MoorFedayeen

          Idk Hahz, some girls bodies take better then others and all ass shots are not equal. Buffie got some of the best any of us will ever see and she can do the same. I think it’s fake but I aint trippin. The ass look weird in the skirt and that blue two piece

          • Tim

            She has aged like a fine wine, if a girl has a nice body for some they thicken up. And this is the result. You have a mixed of old plus new pictures up top. Just look and you can see this easy.

            Yes, this is a real booty. We should have a contact of phat versus fat and real versus fake on here.

  • Cold and hot

    Damn she got ass for real and her thighs match..

  • still118

    idk fam i think the cakes r fake…

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yea it is. Take a look at the whole vid if you want but skip right to 6:49. Sh*t look bogus as hell. Real all the real ones at; I know they out there! Show yourelves! lol

      • I’d seen this video before, I never paid attention to 6:49 until now, I agree with you. PEACE!!!

        • DHaynes

          WTF… That looks down rite scary! Never saw a real ass look like that! Was that a camera mess up or really her ass? I need to take back my statements below, DAMN! Good lookin out fellas for that video!

          • jfizzle

            @Moor, yeah ass looks a lil lumpy. But we also get a nipple slip at the 6:45 mark .

          • trap101

            ahhh! WTF was that dent? Good lookin’ homie, damn! are they all fake nowadays? smh

      • hodgeprt

        Great catch my man. It is good 2 c we hav sum tru bootyologists on the watch as I am 1 myself. While I am anti-fake asses I will say she has 1 of the better 1s out there and she didnt overdo it and has the legs 2 match. All that being said…DOWN W THE FAKE ASSES!!!

  • BIG EL


  • TruDat

    Dat “ass” is “sick” and I’ve lost my focus for today……..preciate that Hahz

    One Love

  • t-tyme

    she official like a ref w/ a whistle!!!

  • great cakes, great ass Sultry Simone

  • ginobli

    looked up and down and said hmmm i take her

  • DHaynes

    The pics do NO JUSTICE! Dat ASS is crazy! If u have not checked out the 2 videos, DONT SLEEP! AMAZING is an understatement! I dont have nothing to say but DAMN DAMN DAMN!! (In Florida Evans voice!)

  • JDangla

    She reminds me of temeca freeman I would love to see those two do a shoot together. To of the best asses in the game . And yes those are Real deal asses !! rating scale !! 4 for face and 5 for the ass being the “REAL DEAL” she gets a 9 !!!

    • Yea she does they look like they can be sistas

  • Big Brother

    DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all im saying!

  • 4REAL


  • hardassteel68

    shit she gotta donk!!

  • DonkChaser

    Wow!!!!!! that donk is off the chain. Damn!! That booty just a wiggling and shaking and clapping on that first video.

  • Cakes

    Ummm…lol I dont think I should have watched the videos. first off the videos dont prove if the a* is real and secondly she just needs to stand still because especially in the video with the yellow pants her a* looked like a big jiggly granny butt not cute at all…lol

  • Moula

    Top 10 for me, So Sultry!

  • Sultry got an nice donk

  • Bootyologist

    Her @ss is definately FAKE! Check out her new ringside video on WorldStar and you will see its lumpy and uneven as hell. Her undercarriage isnt right and her hips look injected when she bends over. GROSS!