Donk Of The Day Sibongile cu*mings

· November 13, 2012

Sibongile cu*mings has been ANS before but you probably didn’t know her name, after seeing these pics you will remember her. She is all natural stallion. There isn’t many pictures of her online so I am not sure of her current body status. These pics are enough to give her the ti*le. Thoughts?




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  1. hmm,she carrying more than a wagon back there. even chocolate skin too? she’s a B+ at best.

  2. Helllllll yeah I remember her!!!. I’m giving this chick here”dime status”…or close to it LOL. Her body is bananas,skin is great,nice face & teeth. I like her better with her short blonde hair honestly LOL

    • SCOOTYBLACK says:


      • MoorFedayeen says:

        Yea was in that J Cole Trey Songz vid I think. Soon as I saw the face I knew the donk was serious before I even clicked. #TC just won’t quit.

        Smh, Damn @Scooty you over there lookin like a Chocolate Nia Long with that short hair. What’s really real?

  3. Bmo says:

    this chick needs hair around her face like i need air the beefy body is a good distraction though

  4. Playboy69 says:

    She cool!… Solid 8.5!

  5. lazarus231 says:

    Impressive frame. We need more @Hahz. She look like she goin bout 140-145. I would treat this to a weekend of Midgard serpent slayin. “mental note”. Double up on the Ice Gatorade and Orange Juice.

    • Bmo says:

      140-145? lol did u see the nsfw pics she looks tall and has meat on her i would say she’s closer to 200 if not more she carries it very well though probably more muscle than fat

      • 200? hmm,i’d say 175-185 and 190 is pushing it but i’d drink two gallons of coconut water and be ready to go 12 rounds with her.

        • Bmo says:

          12 two min. rounds lol/ jk but ill agree with you on 180s-190s

          • lazarus231 says:

            I’ll give her 160 at most. Apples and Oranges. ( why this niccas worried bout what she weigh)LOl. Still, Weekend Slayings

          • Bmo says:

            *blink blink* lazarus are you serious? youre the one who threw out a number first a way off number at that.. ive seen other pics of her and she’s towering over the other females not to be graphic but this is a big bitc* ok smh you know what i dont want to conversate with you individuals im just going to leave my comment no replies to any other comments and i dont want any replies to mine, thanks

          • MoorFedayeen says:

            Laz you trippin. This woman is no less then a buck 90 if not 10 lbs more making her a flat 200. She mother-land thick brah

  6. LouieV says:

    Nice chocolate horse right here

  7. desolation says:

    she good

  8. queso (The Corp) says:

    She aite…not my type though..maybe better in person.

  9. Red_Corp says:

    DAMN she thick!……

  10. 828heffe says:

    +1. That’s real thickness right there… no chicken legs with a fake Ass. Fine chocolate woman 8.5

  11. CCGroovy says:


  12. wobeli says:

    Solid chocolate thick, sun, oil is a winning combo

  13. karo601 says:

    she’s naturally pretty but looks better with clothes on#inmyopinion

  14. unknown1 says:

    Imma need some more pics. she look thick tho and face straight. just a lil more pics hahz.

  15. Realtalkin says:

    Very nice body. Not too keen on her face though

  16. 1luv says:

    This that natural black beauty.

  17. Mike O says:

    Id beat that ass all day… not a fan of that makeup though.. looks really bad

  18. Southwestern says:

    Her body and genetics are damn near pure African. She’s built to bear a young prince or some s&@t. I can definitely dig it.

  19. tyuaza says:

    Yes &BDSM

  20. Joey says:

    Too bad chocolate skin don’t look good in person than it looks in pictures. You ever seen a chocolate woman on the Internet but when you see them in person their skin is never attractive and they always a buttaface. Not hating on darker women but most of them don’t look appealing in person. In pictures they give them this bronzy, shiny chocolate skin in person it’s just looks dry and cracky black

    • dusty says:

      damn son i hope you aint black you comes of as an idiot! and no all the ones ive met looks good. you needs some serious help son i hope you aint black cause if you then you know that the self hatingness is strong in you

  21. crabapples says:

    i’m cummings all over that fat chocolate donk !

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