Donk Of The Day Rosee Divine

· March 12, 2012

When you say her name you have to pronounce it like Rick Ross says Rozay. French model Rosée Divine has the measurements of 34D-26-47 need I say more? She is blessed for her hips to be that wide with a poke out and still have a flat stomach. Thoughts?

Check out her WSHH video here

S/O to all the new urban night life sites that feature models now.

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  1. Rickjames18 says:

    Got dayum!!!!! TC got this one.

  2. a55town says:

    On Point !!!!

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    Bet the white boys won’t even touch that. “She’s gross”

    • prince_kosmic says:

      I say it’s about 50/50. If their from the South, the rate will go higher. It depends on how much “wealth” they have…lmao. I’d date her for a while, but she gone be fat as hell one day.

    • Rickjames18 says:

      I don’t know Moore I know these white boys in Mississippi love women all colors that’s built like this. Y’all need to come down to Jackson Mississippi and see what i’m talking about.

    • BzB says:

      them white dudes in france and even a lot of white boys over here in the states probably ain’t checking for this chick. what they view as a attractive vs us are very different.

      that said we know what to do with those pawg in the atl. face down azz up!

      • BigBlackDude says:

        @BzB, you know it bruh….we hold onto to that waist and just watch that booty jiggle like banana pudding……

        BTW, with this broad I’m wearing my sun glasses with my d1ck and balz completely shaved so I can get that Sean Michaels/Shane Diesel effect!

    • BigBlackDude says:

      @moor, white boys don’t like that, it’s too much for them and like one white dude actually told me big booty thick white girls remind him of black girls.

      • yesssir says:

        Depends on the white guy. I dress like most other white guys in California my age (Dickies, Vans, black socks, skater t-shirt). But I also grew up around Hispanic and Black chicks who had ass, so I naturally found that to be attractive. One of my other boys who is white is the same, the rest of our friends are similar to what you guys describe. Then I have friends who aren’t white that went to mostly white schools that are into thin chicks, which I am not attracted to at all. Which is why I frequent this site, because I was amazed when I first came across a site that posted up chicks with actual ass and not what TMZ and gossip magazines call “ass”.

        • BigBlackDude says:

          @ yesssir, good for you dude, live a little….I grew near San Bernadino and became a southern transplant around high school so I luved the diversity at an early age……I will say this dude, you are part of the 80/20 rule of white boys from my “personal” interaction….you are that 20% and the people in my area of the “A” are that 80%, it’s all good though….I luv a PAWG and a pancake booty broad all in the same blink of an eye!!!!

  4. Southwestern says:

    Notice how she never opens her mouth. True, the body is stupid, but the grill is hit, overall face nothing you want to wake up to.

    • still118 says:

      i have noticed that b4…but i dont thank the grill is busted. then again it may be sum truth 2 what u sayin. hahz the picture of her walking upstairs is classic…caused me to rearrange my whole outlook about pawgs! i aint know she was holdin like dat #seriousness

  5. Red Of The Teamchocolate says:

    Look at @Bstrait In that pic she got on the pink wig Looking like a fake ass Taye Diggs

  6. Sohated313 says:

    she can get it….

  7. queso BP.1 says:

    Nice real nice.

  8. too_funny says:

    her legs look sexy azz shyt in those heels…she phat to def and a bangin body…i dont fucc with white girls but i would smash 1 time thou

  9. tone says:

    Body craze but face gotta go

  10. LouieV says:

    thats a woman i would pay for. stallion

  11. HustleHard says:

    them legs would go up like Lambo doors

  12. Negro Please!!! says:


  13. desolation says:

    Damn ! I used to think taking french in Hs would never pay off. She slid my way, its over.

  14. ginoBrown says:

    As of right now(when it comes 2 PAWGS)she is the G.O.A.T.

  15. DCAssLuva says:

    just saw her worldstar vid it was boring her body is crazy!! but the vid was boring i guess cus it was a behind the scenes photoshoot she didnt shake her ass alot

  16. D'mage says:

    look better with clothes on…

  17. TYBO2020 says:


  18. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    Damn she’s thick. And I like her name too.

  19. wobeli says:

    That pic of her heading up the stairs, her thickness is whoa.

  20. bwilli215 says:

    The real chun li

  21. Reese123 says:


  22. lazarus says:

    It’s funny to see all the feed back now that Ros’ee Thicknes Divine is getting now that she’s a lil known. When Hahz put her pics up back in the day cat’s was like I ain’t messing with no whitebread. lol Cat’s willing to get a divorce and start over now Lmao.

    • BigBlackDude says:

      @lazarus, I have been a fan of the white meat, dark meat and an occasional chicken head from time to time…..that said, I going to look at the archives from early ANS or just Google her….thanks for the info!

  23. G 26's says:

    I’d love hitting that from the back

  24. IncredibleBlackCock (IBC) says:

    something wrong i click a pick n it dosent work

  25. black cowboy says:

    MOST DEF HITTABLE….anybody who love thick women will agree…

  26. Rockjr says:

    Fix these pics!!! When you click on em they go back to the main pic at the top

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