This is for those who wanted to know who was that woman in the black cat suit in the Carmen Diaz model of the moment post .Her names Kyra Chaos she’s hailing from Hampton, Virginia with measurements at 34C-27-45 all natural. She was on the cover girl for 2010’s Smooth Girl “Live From Jamaica”.

Check out the Donk of the day video here.

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  • scog81

    Very Sexy & her body is Banging!!!!

  • Tim

    She got a nice size stink on her. You can see you goes up and down in weight. I would love the plunge that big boi.

  • jfizzle

    B4 I begin my comments, shouts out to the brother Hahz for reading the comments on shorty and producing pics. I guess you were testing us. Shorty got some ass on her!! 45in. wow, and she cute.

    • DHaynes

      I agree… Props to HAHZ for hearing out us ALL! She is a banger, fa sho! Nice lips and nice thighs!! A+!!

      • 100% grade a beef here. Damn u fine ass he’ll sweetie. Shit I giver her the silver dollar status. For one she’s all natural 2 she’s drop dead beautiful 3 she seem like she has her shit together. She looks like the type that is down to earth and sweet. But she will not give up the panties until u proved urself which means no chump & bitch ass mode.

  • D-Rail

    Meoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………ROFL……=^.^=….who let that big ol boo-tay kat out the bag. Aye…..:faints:…..she is slick, thick, and donky kong with dat thong. I jus had to add sumthing to rhyme up…ahahaha…aye ma-ma. I love the woman is spandex…but dam…she killing n stretchin dat shyt out like dammmmmm….best i will eva seen in it. WORD UP! GOOD POSE….I MEEN GOOD POST….XD…#2 is fo sho.

  • ooh my goodness! This is one “thick ass ” chick right here. She got big hips & thighs. I would 2 tenderize her meat lol,strait up!

    • Lmao sh1t who wouldn’t besides a forgot lol.

  • MoorFedayeen

    …and she got a cute face.

    • @moor,yeah fam she real nice overall & she is “destroying” that black leather outfit “damn”. She stacked like country flapjacks lol

  • Piff

    Kyra got Maliah if you ask me.

    • MoorFedayeen

      That’s a legitimate argument but bodywise I still think Maliah would snap this girl in two. Maliah got that long reptilian back with the perfect ass at the bottom. Let the battle begin though.

  • BlackLonDoNer

    Good Lawd.

    She’s the proof that god is male..I mean..a female like that must’ve been shaped and designed for his own personal use.

    She’s fine.

  • Riem25


  • mr.portcity

    I bn kinda digging her just not that that much on her like her height as well 5’8 range wth thickness she never smiles tho kinda does that mona lisa lip curl thing

    • Cakes

      @Mr.Portcity I think we have similar taste because almost everytime you post i’m like thank you Port… people getting a little carried away over this chick like the one guy who said she was better than Maliah come on now don’t be ridiculous…lol

      • ahh the controversy in the comment section, I luv ans lol!

        • Yeah she’s killing Maliah buddy (cakes). U know u love some red women(cakes) why can’t no woman beat out rosa & mahliah? Smdh.

          • Mr leftfoot

            DAMNNN!!! she thick…she got maliah beat

          • Thank u mr.leftfoot I tried to tell the fellas that.

          • Mr leftfoot

            my bad didn’t proof read…she will have maliah beat after she do a video

      • jfizzle

        @Cakes, I’ll have to agree with you, it’s out of sight out of mind. Kinda like some people saying Kobe better than Mike. Nah, Maliah got shorty and it aint got nothing to do with complexion!!!

        • Sweer

          maliah? her bodys amazin dont get me wrong but i think bria myles got her..bria got more ass while maliah got more leg and plus sometimes maliahs body can look kinda sloppy she still bad though just aint in the same legue as bria for me.

          • Cakes

            @Jfizzle Thank you! nothing at all to do with complexion Maliah has her beat big time in the face department and i would say same level for the bodies so that puts Maliah on top. @850boi and Sweer ya’ll got that bias s* going on because be real if Bria was light skin everyone would be like her face ain’t all that kind of looks like a horse but because she’s chocolate oh she’s so fine get outta here with that…lol

        • MoorFedayeen

          @sweer I agree & I prefer Bria because she does have more ass and she dark chocolate-can’t leave that out. They both elites if there is such a thing.

          • @Sweer & Moore I agree with the both of you. Bria Myles will bury Mahalia and some pics of Maliah are suspect. Sometimes she can be on point and sometimes she does look sloppy. I thought it was me but hell in my opinion Maliah face isn’t all that to me. @ Cakes Bria is a bad ass she reminds me of Stacy Dash without the colored eyes. Now don’t u dare say she’s ugly if you do ur “Wolfpack” membership will be revoked.

          • Cakes

            lmao 850 you are so i’m not saying she’s ugly but Maliah got her in the face and i prefer her body type over Bria’s as well.. ok do this picture Bria with light skin and Maliah dark skin then tell me who has the cuter face.. I know some features look better with certain skin tones but usually if you do that you can see who’s really got the best features and who’s just riding on skin tone if u still think Bria is better looking well you just like the horse type look and that’s fine…lol

  • Fine ass hell if I was her man I would be trying to put my nuts in her everynight

  • Poppichuloco

    We ask and you delivered! Good job sir. Yo Hahz what’s up with those pics I sent you?

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

  • skydiver215

    Official like a ref with a whistle

  • f*ckin epic

    hahz gd sh1t

  • She’s KNOCKING Maliah out the BOX!!!

    • She needs more quality home growns before the comparisons

    • ld4644

      I’d have to disagree with you there Shawn. Maliah still got her by a nose imo.

      • Shawn I agree with u she beats out Maliah. She’s killing Maliah by 5 car links folk. Hahz do this when this chick here release her homegrown photos make sure u have maliah on there with her and ask everyone who would u smash. I say kyra would win with no doubt.

        • Have u seen a video of Kyra yet?

          • Mo-Z said that

            These niggas is smoking crack saying she killing Maliah
            I mad I even recomended her, she is shape like A thick mexican… Maliah has perfect proportions in all her body, thick thighs, phat ass, nice breast,

          • @ hahz no I didn’t do u have some to post? If so get on ur job and post it playboy. I’m still sticking with kyra man. Her photos looks way better than Maliah.

            @ mo- z u can say what u want kenfolk but Maliah ain’t all that to me. If that’s what y’all like I applaud ya’ll for ur eye candy. But this kyra chick is bad as hell to me. She’s in my top 5 and I hope to see more of her soon.

          • Shawn

            Agreed. She has Maliah in my opinion.

        • bigbootylover

          this broad dont look better than no damn maliah maliah is beautiful face wise with beautiful real hair. this broad got weave and make up you cats really dont know what natural beauty is on this site at all i see so a made up chick looks better than a natutral beautiful chick??? get out of here with that SAD

          • @Big Bootylover man u wanna talk about natural beauty? Ok i’ll tell you this Bria Myles will walk the dogs on Maliah ass. Now I dare you to say Maliah look better than Bria Myles. Cause if you do say that then u don’t know real beauty.

          • bigbbotylover

            yes maliah does ever time i see bria she has a head full of weave with makeup and fake eyelashes sorry that is not natural beauty you are the same one that be hating on portia portia takes camera phone pics no make up all real beauty with beautiful hair you need to really find out the true meaning of natural beauty because bria weave wearing fake eyelashes fake hair self aint it

  • BigBlackDude

    Big air brushed booty in the pics but nice model, no complaints!

  • bamabeest

    GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!

  • realdeal1991

    god damn, she’s a 10

  • Great donk. PEACE!!!

  • 4REAL


  • sammo

    thank you hahz… earn some stripes for this

  • CJ

    Just gimme three minutes and she’ll wanna marry a ni@@a

  • t-tyme

    her body is off da chain, she gonna cause some chaos w/ a body like that, word!!!

  • Cold and Hot

    Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!! How about donk of the year!

  • tony reelz

    the honey name Trina the Natural from MTV Catfish crazy body 36 24 42