Donk of the day Kelly Divine

· June 30, 2010

Adult entertainer Kelly Divine is a certified p.a.w.g. Don’t let that halo fool you she is no angel she would have you thinking about doing some un godly things. What do you rate Kelly?

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  1. MICHAEL816 says:


  2. chop chop says:

    Wow! I ain’t up on her

  3. Forty and Fly guy says:


  4. mr.portcity says:

    I wudnt rate a porn star on looks maybe on is she gud at what she do and really that don’t even matter….smash or pass is the question…she is hot but that body has high mileage

  5. jfizzle says:

    That pawg right there gets it in on film!!! I think she got some color in her blood. A latina great grand mother, or a black great great grand father cause that booty is plump

  6. WHOD says:

    for those that don’t know her ass is fake I’d still hit it regardless look at one of her films and you can tell

  7. Will says:

    Real or fake, its looking good in these photos…would definitely hit…

  8. 4REAL says:

    Answer to the question that Hahz asked is 8

  9. D says:

    Yea that’s her azz she gotta fatty but in that pic wit the shorts on it does look just a lil more plump than usual, but she does have azz to be white or Latina or wateva she is and she likes black dudes…yep she can get it!!

  10. TYBO2020 says:


  11. Will says:

    Just checked out an old video of her on World Star…her booty shakin’ skills leave a lot to be desired…meaning she can’t dance for nothin’ but it looks good in a photo, though…

  12. gphi says:

    Sexy pics overall, but I especially like the whit lingerie pics with the halo. PEACE!!!

  13. tacomeat says:

    saw ha videos..boi shee gud

  14. sodom says:

    I love her…Cause she looks like a horse!

    It’s not an insult,girls like that(with big teeth) really excite me.

    An anal foal!That’s what Kelly is…

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