That’s right we are handing out trophies early in the morning this Hump day. If you showed me a picture of Joy Daily from the waist down I would of guess it was Absolutely Amber. Hopefully Joy is more consistent with content then Amber is. *Pa@$$@ the mic to the Wolfpack* Thoughts?

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  • Too_Funny

    Hahz, if you giving out Trophy’s, i giving out Ribbons. This post is more homegrownish with out CLEAR BOOTY pic. BeautyB or should i say Beauty the Beast bc her ass takes up the who winners podium.

    • rexbrothasoul


  • d


    • moorfedayeen

      compared to what we’ve seen but if she was anywhere near me, i’d be on it like white on rice.

      • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

        U and me both, moor! How is fatherhood treating u?

        • moorfedayeen

          What’s good fam? Yea I thought u read that crazy story back a month ago I wrote on her. To make it short, around the 7 month mark, she started to show her nutty side. It started with me finding out she was not eating because she wanted to watch her weight then I found cigarettes in her purse. By April, I was having a feeling she was inducing a mis-carriage which is what I’m sure happened. Her phone # changed and she still calls asking me to pick up my son. She a bad b*tch but she nutcase. I been chillin though goin in & outta town so it really didn’t bother me the least because imagine if she did have him. I’d be stuck with this crazy broad. U think u know ppl but u have no idea.

          I wish I had some photos for Hahz cause she bad wit a 42″….jus nutty. That’s the short version, lol

  • presto

    dis chick well above avrg….nice face, and not mad phat.. but enuff 2 hold it down(dnt sleep on da small cliff hanger in pic#20)..! Dat iz a pawg in 5,9…had 2 slide dat in…!

    • too funny

      @presto I agree she well above avg. but with the title post “Donk of the Day” I expected great ass ps.

      • presto

        tru..very tru!

  • t-tyme

    nice, she def. a keeper!!!

  • crabapples

    she needs to NOT take pics standing next to Dollicia and Ayisha.

    • blackandmild

      4real partna; what was she thinking about

  • G 26’s

    she can get it

  • Well, she knows how to walk & pose if nothing else. PEACE!!!

  • seattleslim

    she’s coo, but who’s the chic in pic 16 in the middle? i know i seen her before.she bad.

  • prime706

    she aint nothint speacial. 7.2

  • Cold and Hot

    She look like Diamond she got a pretty face.