Im 21 years old, born and raised in Houston TX, the second of three children. I grew up in a very strict Christian home raised by a single mother. I especially now am thankful to my mom for the regulated house hold because I now know what could have been if I didn’t have such a disciplinarian around. Mom always taught me to put God first, and to and always strive to be the best I can be.

I caught the theater bug in high school with dreams of becoming an actress. I love acting and hold steadfast to the notion that with my determination and drive I too will one day grace the silver screen. I’m no stranger to work. My first job was at the age of 14. I worked for a clothing store in the mall. I’ve had several jobs between then and now, and I’m proud to say I have my real estate license,a gentlemens club co-owner in Houston called Platinum City,opened up a late night eating spot called Platinum Grill next door to Platinum City ,and I’m pursuing my undergrad in business administration.

A lot of my heart and soul is poured into this project, and it is my hope that you find it entertaining and evolving.

If you are ever in Houston stop by Platinum City Gentlemens Club open 7 days a week from 10PM-5AM 9629 Bissonnet Houston,T.X 77036.Also stop by Platinum Grill right next door,the hours of operation for the Grill is Thursday-Sunday 12AM-6AM.

My Club Twitter:

To sum me up, I would say I’m a really smart, loving, caring person. I enjoy cooking, shopping, designing clothes, and watching television. My favorite snack is hot cheeto puffs! I love the color pink.
I live by my favorite motto:

“Anything is possible if you put God first; put your mind to it.”

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  • Nuttyboy

    Beautiful, Intelligent, and ambitious now that is what I call the winning combination. Next time i’m in Houston, I’ll definitely check it out.



  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    Shawty I don’t think God would approve of His most valuable creation showing her body… The Mother Earth is covered 3/4th’s with water and so should the woman body be covered… & WWJD? Do you think he’ll take part in owning a strip club? I’m not knocking your hustle… get it, but let’s not associate the Most High w/our limited thinking of what we think He approves of just b/c we making a dollor… Do your Real Estate and Restaurant and leave Satan’s work to the devils… One!!

  • jfizzle

    Hey with the real estate market being like it is, she can always work for her self at the platinum club. Think of the potential tax benefits. She can give her self a scholarship to finish school that she doesn’t have to pay back and a tax write off to platinum. She can pay her self a salary which would be a tax write off to platinum. AMEn to that sister as she is definitely blessed!! LOL

  • Forty and Fly guy

    Damn! She bad!!!

  • MoorFedayeen

    You niggas will believe anything. This look like a shot out for the club. She prob works there instead of owning it. I aint hatin but it just don’t add up. Been around enough woman to know. If all is true then you the shit and you would be married so you damn sure aint got a bullshit site with pics of yourself to supplement a high six figure income. This girl didn’t write none of this. She nice though *kanye shrug*



  • atl og

    Basically she a stripper at that club…not a co owner unless they allow all their dancers to invest in the club…then that means I’m a co owner of delta airlines…and what dancer isn’t in nursing scholl or got their real estate license strippers were using that line in the atl back in 2004

  • troy0502

    Now i bet here mama like dam i kept her in the house so she can still go out and be what she had been dreaming about a dam dancer/ cook!!!

  • Mr. Wood

    I think this broad lives on front street. If she was ballin the way she says she is, she would not be on here showing that azz. I’m not hatin on her cause she is fine, and I would smash, But for her to be doing what she says she is doing at just 21, I highly doubt it. And please, do not put God in your mouth while you are on ATL nightspots naked!

  • trap101

    21 and got all that going on? If you co own a strip club, then why the hell do u need to model? and you have a real estate liscense but your taking a business admin in school? That isn’t allowed it’s considered a legal conflict of interests. I’m wit most of y’all…….shit ain’t adding up.

  • trap101

    and really now, which professional business woman is going to be posing like that?

  • trap101

    she get’s the Shaq face.

  • Kevin

    She is a really nice woman. Very big heart.Keep it up momma. You will go a long way not listening to negative thoughts by others,it comes along with this business.

  • EYE CANDY!!!!!!!

  • CJ


  • 2trill

    she is really part owner of the club though.. lol smh people ALWAYS want to talk about what they dont know– who cares if she FUCKKIN the owner which made her PART owner .. lmmboo SOUT OUT TO DC AND PLATINUM CITY!!!

  • vic85

    Damn them lips doing something for me

  • tye

    looks good 2 me

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