You don’t need CSI to tell you Buffie The Body committed a triple homicide on that yellow dress. Thoughts?

  • blackandmild

    Dammmmmm This used to be my #1 she still BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • 850

      I agree Black & Mild. She’s still in my top 25 no doubt. Fake Azz or not I will still beat it.

  • Ceasar

    She still got one of the baddest bodies in the game period..

  • Booty is sum serious, but she’s never been on my list


    body wise shes hot 2 def but i wish dudes would stop tellin her SHES A DIME cuz she aint got the looks or personality her face is a 5,but her body is close to a 10

    • presto


    • kevin

      to tell you the truth only a hater female would say anything close to that or your gay when it comes to body what guys (black) even look at a face

  • CotDamn!!!! That yellow dress is DEAD!!! But I still have yet to know if dat ass injected.

    • 850

      Yeah it is homie from what i’ve heard.

  • too funny

    Body built like a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado………..”Diamond in the back (azz) and a Sunroof top (breast) diggin the scene with a gansta oh ooohhhhh”

    • too funny

      with a cracked windshield (her face)

      • Lol..hell Naw thats too funny,TOO FUNNY

      • ThatGuy


        • 850

          Too funny I’ve seen worst faces with a body like this or close to it.

          • presto

            …yeah in the new 2011 teamchoco catalog!

      • kevin

        thats a funny opinion of yours believe it or not alot of females do say that about her since they cant even compare in body too bad

  • GOT DAAYUM!! Ooh wee she destroying that dress lol. Of couse every dude WOULD SMASH 4SHO. But honestly when I see her pic instantly I think of pebblez da model & that chick shana luxury lol. They all have that same look, long silky weave,chocolate skin, big huge azz…smh. I know buffie was the original but I’m just sayn they have tarnished buffies appeal to me. Did buffie get breast implants too?? Becuz it looks like she been drinkin some esther baxter juice lol…she lookin real busty in this pic lol,bend over for me buffie pleez,strait up!

    • too funny

      homie that aint no regular dress that a spandress

      • Will

        A spandress ain’t goin’ ta give ya tigolbitties…me thinks Buffie got a little extra work done up top…still one of my fav donks…Skeet! Skeet!

    • kevin

      buffie isnt the same as them, why? cause her booty is real atleast no implants she used enhancements natural enhancements, if it was injections her body wouldnt even out so perfectly, but with pebblez and shana luxury their thighs dont scale correctly with their booties and thus dont scale with the rest of their bodies

  • Sam

    If her ass ain’t injected I would inject some nut in her. You n1ggas know that yaw would hit and bust hard and fast. I would @@@@ asap!

  • Mike

    It’s crazy cuz niggas will say she ain’t a dime (I agree) but will be slobbering for Sheneka Adams? WTF?

    • The professor

      @ mike-i’ve never understood why guys like sheneka. She’s nasty trollop of a tramp. I mean if you like slutty chicks at least do dollicia bryan. I know she has been rode more than a public bus but she looks better than sheneka. If youre gonna lower your standards at least be with a chick that doesnt look like a werewolf. Just sayin lol!

  • Steez

    Yo Buffie is donkey thick, she like #4 on my list

    • @ steez u need to up date yo list homie if she’s anywhere on there lol..

      • Steez

        Lol, I mean she might not be all dat in da face department but dat body is bangin, but I got Bria, Temeca, and Tia in front of her, so I think my list good for now

      • kevin

        buffies no 2 after nicki minaj on my list

  • The professor

    @rex and too funny-yeah i agree with both comments. Buffie aint no dime and her body is bangin but i wish when god or the plastic surgeon- which ever made her-put her together they would have given her a different personality. It’s hard to enjoy pix of her when you know she has a super stank attitude. With a better attitude you could over look her facial issues cuz like lastarya buffie is really just a ugly chick with a big azz. Hey i’m just sayin’

    • too funny

      @The Professor, yeah she definitely not ugly, will go out on a limb and say she is cute not a cutie pie………Lastarya in my opinion is pretty.

  • FloridaBoy

    Still looking FORD tough. RIP to that dress.

  • T-Fleezee

    Is this the start of her comeback? If so shiitttttt welcome back! Slugging 2 hard!

    • what would she comeback to…..teamchocolate?? Haaaaaa she may as well stay retired then lol

      • too funny

        @Bstrait, she actually works in the speech and motivational dept. she makes others wanna step up their games when she makes an appearance………Black Coffee with 4 lumps will wake and body up.

        • T-Fleezee

          @ too funny Word! @ B you know teamchocolate got all the stallions!

          • @t-painfleezee, oh yeah yall got some chicks that thick like a stallion,but the problem is they also look like a stallion in the face lol

      • too funny

        @Bstrait, you had that 2:30 feeling until @Hahz posted the “BODY”

        • @toofunny,uhhh sorry sir but it was maliah who woke everbody up,just look @ the comments lol. To go from maliah to buffie is kind of a downer…smh lol. Damn I’m tired of whoopin on yall squad lol..its too easy!

          • T-Fleezee

            It’s a conspiracy against teamchocolate but we shall overcome! Lol!

          • nah @fleezee it’s just tha truth lol

          • 850

            B-strait stop hating man. U know team chocolate got them monters boi. These chicks are bad and you know it. Give our girls some props homie.

          • presto

            …looks like the rest of yalls ladies…cant tell one from the other….lol…yeah @B…this shyt is gettin toooo easy!!!!…”looks like a stallion”…YES….lmao

          • kevin

            nah, i think alot of you dont know what a real thick body looks like when it comes to dimensions of thighs and booty and waist and how far and wide the booty comes out and such buffie still trouces every female except maybe nicki minaj in that area of measurments

  • ginoBrown

    Alright face with a perfect body…that a** makes everything she wears fit like a glove and thats a very good thing, R.I.P. 2 that yellow dress.

    • 850

      I co-sign to that Gino.

  • That’s not turtle, that’s ass!

    • 850

      Lmao “House party 3”.

  • Vinny Vegas

    Y’all know she does the workout DVDs right. She knows what she’s doing in the gym.

  • DropHop

    the body is definitely a show stopper.

  • Chi Capitan

    Everybody says she has a stank attitude, but when I met her at Body Tap she seemed cool. Of course that was way before the fame she acquired. With that said, she still bad. Face may not be a 10 per se, but definitely not that serious. But of course she’s dark so she will get dogged…..just playin, just playin! Not looking to start that war tonite!

    • 850

      Chi Cap she look real good to me homie. And if I was to ever hug any of these women that be posted on Ans u know I gotta grab dat azz.

  • Jake

    Great Day in the Morning..that A..s..s maybe fake but D.A.M.N.!

  • realtalkldn

    shes r.i.p’ing that dress, shoulda gave the wolfpack a backshot though

  • SupaFly919

    her ass has never been fake has it ? wow she in my top10 still the face is ok but that body is INSAAAAANNNNEEEEEEEE YO but i still love this chick thoe even thoe she retired

  • My Lawd

  • Just wanna see her out of that dress

    • 850

      Me and you both homie. I’m dying to see what she look like naked.

  • D’mage

    Very well appreciated, thankz 2 Buffie/Hahz…

  • Melloluver

    brickhouse, for real!



  • That’s a good pic, but I’d rather have seen a “side-view” pic, so, we could’ve seen how that butt jus’ “sits out” from the side. PEACE!!!

  • sidenote :What movie is that Will Ferrell clip from? lol

  • PAC

    She is STILL in my top 10. No she’s not the finest but isn’t ugly at all. Physique is self explanatory! She said her ass is real. All that southern cooking!

  • STEEL68

    thats an ass built for life….ummmummmm good!!!

  • pArallel-intersect

    shorty bodi is as bad as the expired milk i juss threw out…….

  • buffy got good ass forever