Sunday afternoons ‘Donk of the day’ is Brooke Babes aka Starberry. I would love to see that ass clap so that bu**erfly can move it’s wings.

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  • Exclusive

    Co-signs hahz

  • melloluver

    That would be nice.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Damn I wish I would of never saw that Cubana photoshop before & after cause errbody suspect now. Who else see the big diff between the very first chair pic and the botton middle chair pic? First pic look CRAZY compared to the bottom. Either way she a dime.

  • Moe Better

    Yeah the Photo shop butchers are doing more harm than good. Pic #8 appears to be 95% photo shop & 5% her! :^(

  • southwest

    I have had the pleasure of meeting this girl. She is as lovely as the pics. Wherever you are, do ya thang, ma. Get at your friend.

  • 4REAL

    SHE NICE!!

  • derrick831

    I would love to know where to find her

  • kenny

    she has a big nose but is ok looking. she is not my top choice looks like a rhino

  • vic85

    Why tattoo the donk… still smashin