Yaaa we are going hard on the Donk of the day(no pun intended). You see it pays to vote on ANS cause Bambi was the winner of the “Who would you have holla’d @?” poll by a landslide. What do you think about Bambi’s homegrown pictures?

  • EL

    Excellent donk. I’d like to put in a request for this. Like, right now. Does she have a website?

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

      Me , too, El!

      • jfizzle

        @40, I think Hahz said see working in DC

        • Ya at a club called Stadium

          • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

            Thanks, Fizzle and Hahz. I am going 2 check her out in person and give ya’ll a reprt back.

  • D Boy

    Oee wee some cushion for the pushing right hurr!

  • WHOD

    type of donk make you think…..

  • D Boy

    I could lay my head on that pillow (see pic #1)

    • jfizzle

      @D Boy, no doubt player I might see what she doing for the beginning of the NCAA tournament in a few weeks, prop my head right there




  • skinny black

    where she work at???????????????

  • oh yeah! No doubt hahz she got a helluva “backporch” on her lol. Every dude would smash her no doubt,but her only knock is her bad makeup job other than that “bottoms up”,strait up!

  • Cold and Hot

    Damn she look different in these pics than the other one’s less make-up.

  • Ely

    Damn this girl Is a true Brickhouse old school saying for perfectly thick body

  • Blue

    Damn that’s her who had the cat suit on, would’ve neva known w/the way they be wearing makeup, no doubt about her getting it… Hahz, what’s up with the runner up Pippen?

  • Drestackones

    I say well DAMN!

  • Tight post overall, I especially like the last pic. PEACE!!!

  • 4REAL


  • Bam

    Follow my twitter bambambi202

    • ATL Tony

      Bambi send in some more pics for us 2 look at, shid you look great.

  • skydiver215

    she was @ onyx here in my hometown Philly and man she had the club goin’ nuts, ass softer than cotton tissue

    • Cold and Hot

      Damn how yall be meeting up with these chicks maybe I’m in the wrong city.

      • skydiver215

        I guess i payed the club a visit on the right day thesee chicks be traveling hitting different clubs up in different cities Here in Philly Club Onyx being doin it

  • mr.portcity

    I thought they said her azz was phoney and she loooked like a tranny on the last post…so what changed

    • Will

      Some more shots of her sexy booty is what changed…a complete about face from the other post, right?…like I said on that post…poll don’t lie! Skeet! Skeet!

    • ThatGuy

      Tagged my thoughts to the wrong post. See below



    • ThatGuy

      Well, fellas say her ass ain’t fake, so there’s that one. If you ask me, she still looks like a tranny with all of that makeup caked on. There’s no telling what she actually looks like under that exorbitant amount of makeup. Nobody can’t dispute that the butt is on-point though. Noelle still got her by a mile in my opinion though.

  • sammo

    damn in the first pic that ass look nice n soft…but in the last pic that ass look fake as fuck!!!!!….talk bout contradictions…

  • lola

    her ass is full of bathroom chaulk. yall dudes is dummies i’ll take a real proportioned woman anyday over this

  • Can we get some legs to go with that aS$?

    • ThatGuy

      She does have the legs to match her ass. For that reason, I don’t think that her bum is fake.

  • She cool, but um str8…..

  • Tim

    This look like dude, just saying.


      you gotta be gay!!!!!!!

  • d

    too fake for me….next!!

  • t-tyme


  • Bam


  • Sweer

    her ass look fake as F*CK look at the last picture her right leg looks crazy skinny compared 2 her ass and her face is trannyd out..u guys r kraven what happened 2 real asses being better?

    • Tank

      These guys still don’t get it. If the circumstance of the legs is less than half the circumference of the waist, it is a >90% in 2011 it not real. For example, if your hips are 44 inches, your thighs should be at least 22 inches. I’m tired of seeing chicks with 44 inch hips and 20 inch thighs. My word of advice–bigger is not better, for beauty is a function of symmetry and relative proportions. If you want the enhancements to appear natural, take the circumference of your thigh, and divide by .52. For example thighs=21, then 21/.52=40.4inch hips. Believe it or not, but when your waist and thighs are too small, it becomes naturally less appealing to the eye. All things have an optimal point y=-x^2 ladies.

      • ThatGuy

        Apparently, you aren’t looking at the same pictures. While her waist might not meet your calculations, her thighs most certainly do. This woman does not have tiny thighs; are you blind?

        Irrespective of all that, she still looks like one of Lil Bow Wow’s or Eddie Murphy’s type.

    • uptown rae

      yaw n1ggas to picky commments are kinda gay real talk!!!!!!!!

    • uptown rae

      yaw n1ggas are too picky comments sound kinda gay …just sayin tho

      • skydiver215

        i agree

  • Tank

    Sorry Typo, I mean if the circumstance of the legs is less than half the circumference of the “hips”,

    • Sweer

      i couldnt agree wid u more! twig legs and a big old fake donk aint a good look..thick thighs and a big ass is

      • @Tank “ding”, preciate u for check’n in……(we need’d the insight)