Donk Of The Day

· March 18, 2010

donk of the day
donk of the day

The only way I wanna see a remake of the movie “Nightmare On Elm Street” if she is playing Freddy in that costume. She is stacked like a Burger King #4 meal.

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  1. southwest says:

    Damn. Her name please.

  2. melloluver says:

    Yeah!, Her name Please! She bad!

  3. James Shaw, Mizzou says:

    Being a Movie Buff, I usually have no interest in the “Fright” genre but, there’s an exception to every rule….Good Lawd!!!

  4. Cold and Hot says:

    Who is she!!!

  5. Forty and Fly guy says:

    She’s no nightmare! She’s a wet dream!

  6. REDD says:


  7. jdubb says:

    Wtf! she hot!!

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