Donald Trump paid a visit to the Howard Stern Show recently, where—naturally—the question of who is more beautiful between Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez came up:

Stern: But [Kardshian] has an ass that— is her ass too big, Donald? Is her ass too big?
Trump: Well, absolutely. It’s record-setting.
Stern: But it’s like, are you attracted to that gigantic ass?
Trump: No, that’s— in the old days they’d say she’s got a bad body.

Stern goes on to point out that Lopez, too, has a big ass, saying “people don’t realize” that. (An absolutely absurd allegation.) (Everyone has realized that forever, Howard.)

Kim Kardashian c-thru pool shoot in Mexico

When Trump is asked if he had to, had to, have sex with either of the famously beautiful women, he, at first, tries to evade the question, before giving his answer:

Stern: If you had to have sex with one?
Trump: I don’t like, you know, being negative to people who are so nice to me.
Stern: You love them both, but if you had to have sex with one of them?
Trump: I would pass on both.
Stern: You wouldn’t bang either one of them?
Trump: I would pass on both.

Very nice of him to try to put off the heartbreak for Lopez and Kardashian, but I guess they were going to have to find out someday. I am so sorry, ladies.

Here’s the full audio:

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  • bobevil

    I don’t know whether to call him smart or a racist prick.

  • still118

    Hell even he know both them girls some dirty birds mayne, and sack chasers too. Better off flucking with sumthing round the way my nig

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    im sure they wouldnt wont to do anything with him either

  • BzB

    what is he supposed to say? his business partners would say the same thing on the record. off the record bet they splurging on taz angels.

    they wouldn’t know what to do with all that azz anyway. probably ain’t even endowed well enough to do anything with it either.

  • desolation

    both are damaged goods anyway, so I don’t have no problem w/ what he said.