Donald Trump Crowns New Miss USA Nana Meriwether

· January 9, 2013

Donald Trump officially crowned the new Miss USA Wednesday in New York City. (Nana was first runner-up in the pageant, but took over that tile after 2012 Miss USA Olivia Culpo won the Miss Universe Crown at December’s glorious pageant.) Donald, who owns the Miss Universe organization, gushed to E! News about Nana and the other exemplary women in the competi*ion.

“They’re brilliant, they’re really into charity and the world of charity, and they’re phenomenal people,” he said. “They’re very solid. In many cases, they went to the best colleges. In the case of Nana, she was a great athlete—a volleyball player [at UCLA]. “

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  1. ReefMoney says:

    is it just me or do she look like Cynthia Bailey?

  2. jamar says:

    Trump dont even look real.

  3. BrownSugar says:

    I wonder if he needed to double check her birth certificate before she got the crown. His racist a$$ is stupid like that.

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