Dollicia Bryan & Daphne Joy Up In The Club

· February 13, 2013


Happy belated birthday to Daphne Joy who is a friend of ANS. She recently hit the club with her friend Dollicia Bryan. Those two make a mean team, I would be no one would holla’d at them all night due to the intimidation factor. Who would you have holla’d at that night?

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  1. me says:

    killer dress daphne has on. dolicia looks like something off star trek with those eyebrows.

  2. Can I have them both? lol

  3. Realtalkin says:

    @Hahz it do take courage to holler at them if u seen em, but I’d give it a try lol thats the only way i know. Rather have Dollicia but Daphne do look good too.

  4. blizzy says:

    daphne tryin to get something slipped inside her in the club with a dress that short on ….

  5. President Ward says:

    Daphn is so fine.

  6. jamar says:

    daphne’s cheek bones look weird…body is straight tho.

  7. SCOOTYBLACK says:

    Doll has always been gorgeous.

  8. ginoBrown says:

    Daphne is a certified dime, and Dollicia is basically a mannequin.

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