Jordin Sparks performs at City Of Hope Honors Halston CEO Ben Malka With Spirit Of Life Award – Red Carpet at Exchange LA on October 10, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Do you think she gets her looks from her mom?


with her mom

  • tyuaza

    her looks yes
    everything else no

  • satch

    her moms will get hit,put her on her back and bend her knees

  • ^TBM^

    I love Jordin but she is getting a little bit too slim. If she was about her moms size she would be great. Her mom is bad!

    • She is getting runway model status..

  • @ satch: how appropriate, real classy comment. Grow up kid

    • tyuaza

      bruhh we all make those comment well most ppl do and i’d be surprised if i didn’t see one and he said what most would say if they saw them together

  • jamar

    in the face,they look nothing alike.

  • body maybe,looks idk. because we all know what jordin working with. she lost a cool 50 lbs but i like her like this. go on girl! 🙂

  • wobeli

    Jordin is a ten.

  • StingRay

    Moms is in great shape, it’s from mom.