DMX Cleaning A South Carolina Nightclub (Video)

· November 9, 2011

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For the second time in a week DMX was spotted helping a clean up crew after hours.

Last week X mopped the floor of a South Carolina Waffle House after a worker there told him he was a big fan.

TMZ has just obtained new footage of Dark Man X vacuuming a South Carolina nightclub. No word on why he decided to help out, but he said last week that he’s not too proud to do some cleaning.

“The minute you get too big to mop a floor or wipe a counter, that’s the exact minute you have life f*cked up,”

he told TMZ last week.

  • queso

    Son doin what he gotta do I guess…shit is crazy

  • Ttown419

    Losing that cash and fame make cats real humble.

    • B Strait UP

      Yup,but he probably was already humble

  • gphi

    I saw the Waffle House video, this one is new to me though…Good man DMX. PEACE!!!

  • moorfedayeen

    I just can’t believe this. There’s an explanation. He could simply go over sees and perform his classic hits from his first album like Ashanti is doing in Asia. I ain’t talkin about 50,000 seats, just something that pays 5 grand a night (chump change to Drake or Nicky M.) for a show.

    • ed

      Convicts cannot go overseas…..

    • ginoBrown

      @moor I’m pretty sure X could pull in more than 5 a night…dude did have hits on top of hits, and is one of the best MC’s 2 ever pick up a mic.

  • Greg4422

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness!!!

    I don’t see an issue with him cleaning. After spending time locked up, it’s probably second nature to him right now… in prison either you clean up after yourself or live in filth… your choice.

    I’m taking a wait an see attitude with DMX, wishing him the best, but mindful he’s falling off the wagon several times before.

    I don’t think it’s all about him doing shows, at this time, his main concern is his health, and mental state of mind…a drug addiction is a hard thing to overcome…just take it one day at time.. the rest will follow.

  • jamar

    why do people act like cleaning is a bad thing…being nasty is a bad thing….whoever has a maid needs to be cleaning up their own sh!t.

  • Plansky

    dude got bread man… Im pretty sure hes still millionaire status.. PR stunt

  • b.m%re

    My man jus chilling….and real talk X is goin to change the climate in the rap game…….be real with ya self ….

  • TC

    the bills have to get paid somehow