Last night DJ Scream celebrated the release of his new mixtape with the help of Migos, Travis Porter, Amazin Amie and more…


S/O Urban Entertainmet @FoeDiddy

  • The thick white looking girl thats probably a little spanish would get it.

    • dusty

      this comment make no damn sense! if you are spanish then you are white and if you look white then you are white! spanish is not a race but spanish people are white and from europe.
      also the girl is german meaning that shes white.

      cubans/ricans and are not spanish

  • seanjohn100

    amazin amie has some insane thighs.

  • Herve Villechaize

    This is the 1st and only time Amie has been in photos that aren’t over processed to sh*t. Props to the cameraman!

  • Pceezy

    Yea I seem her few weeks ago at vanquish,,, her body is short bus retarded ,,,

  • lazarus

    That last pic of Amie an them thighs is ……..SMH. However i’ma hav to say somthin bout ol girl in the brown dress red shoes. Word

  • RunTellDat

    No backshot of Amie? Really? smh

  • I was going to go but something came up at the last minute (RED)

  • cool