Life is Good for hip hop fans now that we will be hearing a full length album between Nas and DJ Premier. Talking to WM40A at the A3C music festival in Atlanta, the legendary producer that he will be working with Nas on an album as soon as the NY rapper drops his next project on Def Jam, the follow up to Life Is Good.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Nas one of the smartest dumbest rappers of all time.

    I definitely will not be buying this album, do not want to here them old recycled mpc 19 80 beats by premiere

    Nas is his best when he is out of his comfort zone and when he has someone elste directing an album (stillmatic)

    Nas just needs to rap and allow some one else to produce

  • Pceezy

    It’s plenty that wanna hear that sound also

  • jamarxyz

    album should be pure lava…all of Gangstar albums were classic…but a lot of people outside the boroughs aint feelin that boom bap sound…phuck em…i know a lot of the veteran hip hoppers will luv it.

  • damnshame

    That ish is goin to be ill….DJ Premiere and NAS….cant wait….