Dime Time: Model Sonia Roza

· June 4, 2013


Coming all the way from Montreal by way of Paris we present to you the beautiful and all natural Sonia Roza (@Sonia_Roza). Vixen Sonia Roza recently the beach in Montreal, Quebec.


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  1. queso (The Corp) says:



  2. Sol Novus..yeah,my calisson right here

  3. MoorDetroitRed says:

    Thanks but No Thanks.

  4. REX!!! says:

    @ queso n Bstrizzle,lets give her a 10 day contract if she works out then we’ll sign her to a long term deal lol..

    Certified thickness!!!!

  5. lazarus says:

    nice, crisp money.

  6. Playboy69 says:

    Not A Dime….But Solid 8 Card!

  7. RED(Corp) says:

    You already know what it is

    Da Corp

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