Check out the dime of the day that goes by the name of Tanaya Henry. One word that comes to mind… Beautiful.

You can purchase her accessories she is modeling at her site

  • Playboy69

    Not a Dime more like a Solid 7!

    • Realtalkin


      • presto 2.5

        8 of the Day…lol

        **Prest slaps Dime off title like Dikembe Mutombo**…”No-no-no…not in my houssse…hahahahahah!”

        • Playboy69


          • President Ward

            @presto that was a good one. lmfao!

        • RED 2K13

          Presto What up mane

  • REX


  • Pretty girl indeed!!

    • Mister Mister

      Yes indeed, I’d definitely holla

  • Big ALbert

    She’s cute but from these pics I rate her a 7.8

  • President Ward

    I’ll give her a B+

    • RED 2K13

      Nobody cares about your grade fool