Diddy is on the road to being a billionaire while being the ultimate international playboy.

But now rapper Diddy has tried to play down his lavish life of excess in the latest interview with Los Angeles Confidential magazine. Ironically, the famous music mogul and business man claims that people have misconceptions about him due to his larger-than-life image.

And when asked about having “yes” men and spoiling his family, he told the mag,

A lot of people say yes to me, I admit that. But I’m blessed by how much the mothers of my children love to tell me the truth. They don’t let me get away with anything!’ he revealed. I don’t make apologies for what I have. Especially in these economic times, it’s an achievement to have financial success. If part of that is to spoil your kids, to give them things, it’s okay, as long as they appreciate what they have.”

The well dressed mogul also talked about discovering new talent like Janelle Monae and Cassie.

“It’s really like a spiritual type of experience, making that connection with someone. You get these goose bumps when you encounter a diamond in the rough. You see potential. You see possibilities unfolding before your eyes. It helps me to help them.'”