Did You Catch Beyonce’s Super Bowl Nip Slip?

· February 4, 2013

> Beyonce nip-slip at Super Bowl? NOT SAFE FOR WORK!! - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!

According to reports on Feb. 4, 2013, Beyonce suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Beyonce took the stage during the Super Bowl halftime show with a band of female dancers and literally set the stage on fire with her fully energetic performance that blew out the lights according to sum.

However, after the first song, the 31-year-old singer’s dress started to come off, revealing black lace panels on her tummy and a lace skirt at the back.

Beyonce wore a black python and iguana leotard with a mini jacket. Designed by Rubin singer, the dress had capped sleeves and a cleavage baring slit in front.

But all thanks to the rapid dance moves, her leotard was seen changing positions that it shouldn’t have along with a slight bo** showing up in a side shot. However, the show was a big hit with the fierce performance of the singer.

Another thing that the malfunction did well for Beyonce is that people will now talk about her wardrobe malfunction for a while rather than talking about the lip-syncing act at the President’s Inauguration last week.


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  1. Uhhhh beyonce has no breast!!!! So why would anybody notice a nip slip LOL?? Beyonce & Michelle Williams are “A- cups” lmao!!! **weezy voice**…”ewww that’s nasty”

  2. jamar says:

    not into halftime shows.

  3. BzB says:

    people gonna be looking for a wardrobe malfunction at every halftime show. hd cameras on every inch of her body i’m surprised this is all they got. a non story really..

  4. damnshame says:

    bey tore dat ish down….u 4eva Bad Bey..

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