Nicki Minaj shows off her curves in a tight-fitting Hever Leger, Nolita asymmetrical colourblocked bandage dress as she leaves Katsuya restaurant with her entourage in Los Angeles. Does it look like she pulled a J-Lo and got rid of her donk?

  • jamar

    maybe she cut back on the injections…but that dude in the yankee hat makin sure.

    • bigkev718

      lmao…i know oh boy in the yankee hat….some wanna be rapper named brinks or some dumb shit like that,…..i just know him as the fat nigga from high school lmao

  • Reme

    Nicki looks GOOD

  • **nicki voice**…”I don’t know man…I guess them azz shots wore off” LOL. I had to say it LOL

    • too_funny

      that’s what happens when you leave the house without your infamous BP Butt Pads

  • hehe

    its the dress

  • dusty

    hahz are you serious? she never had a donk. she had a fake donk and pads. look at her pics previous to her fame

  • queso (The Corp)

    She actually looks better!

    • Mister Mister

      Yeah, she went too over the top with it originally. This fits her frame more….still not a fan of the FairyTales though lol

  • judge joe brown

    Its not pads or surgery u ignat mf…in one of her raps she say its finally soft…? What u think she was talkin bout…its the dress smashing her azz down…as soon as she take that jont off poof super soft phat booty…cause that ish be hard when they first get booty shots… .an then again i could be wrong

  • Southwestern

    She didn’t lose it. She just put it on the shelf for a minute cause the white folks cutting them American Idol checks. They can tell her to put on a fat suit and dress up like Aunt Jemima, she’ll waste no time.

    • Playboy69

      LMAO!…So TRU!

  • judge joe brown

    Hahz can u plz take the ad from over top of the got dangit add coment button….* Daaaaann Mannnne* in my Martin voice

  • Peanut_htx

    I wasnt aware there was a donk there in the first place

    • queso (The Corp)

      Whooa whooooa what’s going on over here? Lol

      • President Ward

        ^^^This n*gga foh!^^^

      • presto 2.5


  • President Ward

    My future wife.

  • Playboy69

    Team Fairy Tales STRONG!

    • President Ward

      @Playboy you got beef with presto dawg?

      • presto 2.5

        no beef…

        **Prest throws hamburger patty on Foreman Grill**

        “Get It?”…lol

        MeGaCorp vs. TeamChocolate

        the rest are phoney…and playful versions of the originals


        • President Ward

          @presto when he called you a hoe-boy. Dawg, i was weak as hell looool!!!

  • damnshame

    Team FairyTales and they Mrs. Potato Head B*tches…taken ish off then on-azz here today gone 2morrow…..damnshame i tellya…

  • Jamez

    how can yall lust over a fake being. fake ass n tits, hair lashes….that ish aint attractive and it aint yours

  • Williedynamite

    #dead…@Mrs. Potato Head… lmfao

  • DCAssLuva

    lmao!!! she took out the injections yeah she working on idol she got them ass shots when she was tryna be a rapper she a pop star now.Cant keep walking around white ppl that big fake thang sticking out being the talk of town.

  • Cold and Hot

    Naw she ain’t get rid of it, it’s them tight azz dresses that smash it down. I’ll give her the wood though.

  • B1tch always had a pancake ass. Roman took the butt pads off.