Last night’s super bowl brought many surprise one being that during Beyonce’s half time performance she ask former group members Michelle and Kelly to join her on stage. Well it seems that R&B singer Keyshia Cole had her own thoughts on the show that may not have been so good. Keyshia gave her thought over Twitter last night about how she felt about Michelle Williams singing.

If that wouldn’t be enough she decided to reply to a comment made by blogger Necole b****ie

It hasn’t been said why Keyshia has such anger toward Michelle Williams but seems clear that she has a major issue with her. Some say that Keyshia was just expressing her Freedom of speech but seems like more than that. Michelle hasn’t made a statement toward the situation yet, she maybe doing the right thing by not going against her peer.


  • Realtalkin

    wonder what all this bout

  • Greg4422

    Yea she was outline pocket with that comment, but what else do you expect from a hoodrat

    • MoorFedayeen

      Hoodrat to the mf “T”. Then she wonder why her demographic won’t buy her stuff or support.

  • TheTruth

    moore and greg i know yall can read look at the last tweet she said michelle diss her first while she was doing a show live you niggas sound like haters being ghetto has nothing to do with it if somebody diss you and you found out you gonna either fight or diss them back plain and simple fuck all that trying to keep a positive image that shit dont last to long and shes right michelle aint popping aint with out destiny childs aint nobody checking for michelle asking when does michelle album come out if that was the case her first solo album would of never flop and yes she got grammys but thats with the GROUP! we all know destiny child is BEYONCE Bey the only one out of the crew still shining while the rest cant sale a album or win a grammy on there own the truth hurts lol

    • Camaro434

      Damn, where are your fucking periods and commas? Get a fucking education. I guess it’s a case of one ignorant fuck defending another.

    • allan

      I AM Michelle’s fan.
      She has always been my favorite DC, so speak for yourslef, i’m desperately waiting for her new album and she has a ton of fans arround the world.

  • TheTruth

    another thing beyonce super bowl performance was mad overrated she got out shine by the special effects MICHAEL JACKSON AND PRINCE would of never let the special effect out shine them more then there performance smh

    • presto 2.5