Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has no problem spending money on lavish gifts.

The undefeated boxer allegedly bought his fiancee Shantel Jackson a $16 million dollar diamond called ‘The Heart of Eternity’ for Christmas.

The Heart of Eternity is a blue diamond that measures 27.64 carats. It is one of the rarest blue diamonds in the world, which is only found in the Premier Diamond Mine of South Africa.

That sounds like a lot if you don’t factor the fact Pay-per-view sales for Floyd Mayweather’s May fight against Miguel Cotto topped $94 million dollars, and Mayweather personally raked in well north of $40 million. Floyd made $4.3 million in 2012 just off of betting.

  • MoorFedayeen


    Why all the fuq n1ggas and simps get paid the most??????????????????????????????????????

    • well..i think when you work hard and make moves then you can live life like this i guess..if it were any of us of course. he living man…probably not even concerned with pacquiao anymore tbh.

      • MoorFedayeen

        And I wonder if this is a conflict free diamond or did 100 Africans have to die for it or have their limbs chopped off to find it. We are so sleep as a race, its scary. That money went to Jews that enslave blacks and hate our guts. Now when’s the last time you seen a black man make a milli off a Jew free and clear, let alone 16 mill? I dare you to give me ONE instance-I DOUBLE DARE YOU.

        WAKE. THE. F#CK. UP!

        • President Ward

          @Moor did you see the movie Blood Diamond?

          Real good movie…

          • President Ward

            And if you get caught with a diamond in cuba.

            That’s 60 years in a cuban prison. TRUE STORY!

          • NoWhiteInMyCup

            Trust this dumb fool has insurance on the ring , so no worries about people stealing it.

            But again this n.cca is a fool, the same guy that made over 40million less than 7 years ago and went upside down.

            What would really be funny to see is if a n.cca with lesser money ended up pulling her away from his simp azz.

  • Damn!…..its his money tho so… is wut it is

  • drew

    I don’t believe it. Niggaz spend a lot on jewelry but not no 16 mil for one piece.

    • adaj

      Especially on a chick that can leave you at the drop of a hat.Have you seen how many people of getting divorced these days…s^&^ts making me want to reconsider getting married.

  • TYBO2020


  • Mister Mister

    MC Hammer route….his Money Mayweather Team won’t be like Golden Boy after Floyd retires

  • Jay

    This might be his chick, but I really think he tryin to buy this broad. I could be wrong but I seen a couple vids with the 2 of them together and she just don’t look that into him..maybe I’m dumb?

  • Pose

    Thats fcuken way too much… Is he trying to tell her how much love he got for her? I’m sorry, no one deserve that. And if there is, only TIME can tell you. I wonder how much she put in that relation….

  • GuruGuru

    MANE!! She better be doing some special stuff for me to put down $16 mill on a piece of jewelry…SMDH!!


    uh yeah he going broke in less than a year maybe two if he’s lucky.


    the way 50 was talkin, ol girl just there 4 the money. dude might have all that money and not be happy 4real.

  • tyuaza

    my grandmother is dead and i don’t like my mother so that diamond could stay in the dirt for all i care

  • Southwestern

    Floyd clearly has self-esteem issues. His girl will be on the phone with her friends soon about how she not feeling him no more and how she wanna smash some nuh who ain’t studying her or spending a dime. Simps come in all shapes, sizes, and status.