Former Supremes headliner Diana Ross acted a fool causing a scene in a Beverly Hills restaurant last Thursday after she was told she would have to wait to be seated.

Ross arrived at upscale Italian eatery La Scala to have lunch with her daughter when she was told the restaurant does not seat anyone without a reservation until the entire party has arrived. Because Ross showed up ahead of her daughter, she was asked to wait. She declined and marched on to a corner booth anyway, according to the New York Post.

The Post reports that management walked over to discuss the restaurant’s seating policies with the singer, telling Ross that she would not be served if she didn’t wait for her daughter to arrive. Naturally, Ross refused to move and a scene ensued once her daughter did show up, with both women eventually storming out of the restaurant.

“I’m sorry that Ms. Ross had a problem with that and she feels that the rules didn’t apply to her,” La Scala owner Gigi Leon told the Post. “Our policy is that we don’t sit incomplete parties. If people jump the line, our policy is we don’t serve them, and she was told that. We treat everyone the same, whether you’re famous or not. We love having her as a customer. We’d be happy to have her back.”

Once a diva always a diva..

  • prettymanny

    I doubt they would have done that to Celine Dion

    • BzB

      better question is would celine dion have acted like that? doubt it…

      i love diana ross but she has a rep for being unruly when on those non-prescribed meds… if you know what i mean.

  • tyuaza

    she got treated like everyone else and couldn’t handle it

  • onthegrind

    Lol they treated her like she was Fantasia, here in charlotte they woulda made somebody get up from eating to sit Mrs. Ross.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Well she is a Diva right? But I agree, Celine Deon would of been seated right away.

  • damnshame

    If she spending more than the average person-she should get special treatment.

  • Greg4422

    Come on…let the old lady sit down….smdh

  • WildWild

    That’s whitey just letting you know u still a nikka and an out of date nikka at that… An Italian restaurant you know they don’t like us they keep it 100… Again stop supporting other than your own

    • MoorFedayeen


  • Teegirl

    I wouldn’t have done Diana Ross like that. Famous people have famous friends that talk and that restaurant’s reputation may be shyted on now. Just saying, don’t look good for business $$$.

    And hell, a restaurant in Beverly Hills should have exclusive seating arrangements for celeb clientele anyway..

  • JOE

    yall say what you want, but if somebody comes into my business telling me they are making the rules right away we have a problem. That’s what happened here, and it’s no wonder they had a problem. btw, just cuz she’s famous don’t mean she was about to spend tons of money. Yall know how fast women blow through money. She’s probably pinching every penny she’s got after all these years.