Atl’s new hot spot Diamonds Of Atlanta formally known as Body Tap held there viewing Wednesday September 7th which brought half the city out. They held a red carpet and VIP reception 8pm-10 and by 10:30 they were denying any one in the building cause it was maxed out inside and in the parking lots around the building.

My 1st impression walking in the building was Damn they really spent a lot of money in renovating this club. Every one I ran into inside the club and chopped it up with said the same thing “Diamonds of Atlanta raised the bar for strip clubs in Atlanta”. Diamonds of Atlanta was a trending topic on Twitter not to long ago when they were holding auditions if that is a measurement gauge the amount of dancers that will be in the building when they go live. For those who stuck around till the end got to see a midget stripper and Rosa Acosta hop out of a cake..check out the pics here.

They were filming a reality show during the viewing party about the club and the dancers so be on the look out for that. The official grand opening of the club is September 14th I strongly suggest you check it out. Shouts out to Botchey ENT & MBP

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DJ Nando and Gotti

Chubbie Baby

Ruggs and Dose

Sheneka Adams

  • sheneka heyyyyy baby! Lol man the south take they strip clubs real serious. In chitown aint no strip clubs having veiwing parties and all that. All you gon get from a chitown strip club grand opening is a “yes we’re open” sign in the window lmao!

    • crabapples

      bstr8 i already told you how many skrip clubs we got in oakland.

  • Word Life

    Yo, Hahz….I just want to say I appreciate your hustle with this site dog. Real Talk. Keep it up. One

  • Fool Me Never

    Strip club openings here in Atlanta are the equivalent to Hollywood premieres.

  • jpari

    i guess this is why strippers think their celebs lol

    • queso

      @japari exactly

  • All of the ladies look nice to me. PEACE!!!

  • ShowYAkNOW

    Nice pics but dont be fooled the real Diamonds KOD is in Florida FLA Miami, Hahz keep doing ya thing playboi, soon we gone have you getting all the Advertisement ad money, one of the few sites i fucxxx with in this world of estrogen driven bs blogs, its nice to have one that caters to real niccas, we it all politics, beautiful women, opinions, surveys and all, keep grinding homie believe dhattt

    • crabapples

      “estrogen driven bs blogs” LOL you right!

  • FLAorange N GA Peach

    Born & raised in the A…all my life there’s NOT 1 stip club N the A close to KOD!!! ijs…..I dont know why we slippin