Diamond The Show Stopper “Donk of the day” pictures via Showgirlz exclusive. Are you feeling this pictures?

Diamond The Show Stopper Show mag video (www.atlnightspots.com) from atlnightspots.com on Vimeo.

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  • jfizzle

    Damn she bad, top notch young lady, or as 850 would say “tight work”!! LOL

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

      She sure is!

      • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

        She is aptly named cuz she could stop damn near every show! would the felllow members agree that this chick is much badder than bria?

        • Badder than Bria? before I comment on this one I just wanna say what up to the “Wolfpack” howwwwllllll. @40 dawg you cool with me always, but this chick ain’t fucking wit B-Myles. This is airbrushed & photoshopped pics until I see some homegrowns then I can say if she could or couldn’t fuck wit Bria. But she “tightwork” tho (Diamond) but she have to provide some homegrowns to see what stage she’s in. I see u like the “tighwork” phrase Jfizzle lol.

          • jfizzle

            @the wolfpack, this what happens when you get sick and work from home 4 the week, surf the net while working, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLMSspq9aV0, fresh video of Diamond. @40, I think you right she might have Temeca. Holla at your boy ‘pack, HOWLLLL!!!

          • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

            @850 …i knew that was going 2 b a tough sell 2 this crowd. but cmon, u gotta admit, she’s got maliah, rite?

          • Mr leftfoot

            What up “wolfpack”?…this chick nice but we need to see some homegrowns

          • jfizzle

            @Left, look at my post above I gave a link to a youtube video on shorty, HOlla!!

    • Mr leftfoot

      @jfizzle GOOD LAWD!!!!…you right big homie she got bria beat

      • wuuut up wolfpack! I see yall got a lil debate about diamond & bria myles lol. Diamond damn sure is hot,thanx 4 the video fizzle “damn”. I can’t choose a winner between her & bria tho lol,they both bad as hell,strait up! “wolfpack”

      • DHaynes

        @JFiz… Sad to know u were sick and missed work (Missing work aint bad, its just when u are sick and cant enjoy the time off that sucks!) but I can say I am GLAD U DID!!!! DAMN GOOD FIND!! Good lookin out sending that to tha fellas! We ALL appreciate that!

  • kevon

    men ill kiss her ass n sleep on the ass and f*ck the sh1t out of her bazoka donk god lord almighty dont hurt no body lol

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

      I hear u! fellas i may have to retract my statement about temeca having the best ass in the bizzness cuz this chick might need the title! i 4 got all bout her!

      • MisterMidas

        No joke, Diamond been in my top 5 for a lil while now….but after watching that video Jfizzle posted….her and Temeca fighting hard for that #1 spot. This girl is sseerrriioouuusss!! If it feel as good as it look, I might accidentally wife that after smashing! Damn man, I rewinded the last 10 secs of that youtube video about 20 damn times!! Seein all that ass walk away, was like lookin at a muthafuckin unicorn….I couldnt believe my damn eyes!!

  • t-tyme

    incredible body right there, ain’t feelin’ the photoshoppin’ tho!!!

    • MoorFedayeen

      yea need homegrowns. I like a flaw or too

      • MoorFedayeen


  • seanjohn100

    I wish these model chick would start getting naked and stop waisting so much of our precious time

    • I agree if they going to do all of this they might as well get naked and stop the teasing.

  • nice pics! Nice chick,now lets see her homegrowns,strait up!

  • mr.portcity

    Drive thru small towns in the boot ull find gems liker her..a bunch..especially where she from

    • Cold and hot

      Not where I’m from or any small town I been at I don’t see women like this at all, I don’t even think they’re bred anymore.

      • mr.portcity

        They do in louisiana as u head toward new orleans ahe is from laffeyette ..u have kitty kennedy and ms jucci to name sum from baton rouge…sum of that creole blood

        • mr.portcity

          Also cajun bloodline

  • Cold and hot

    I like her mane, I want to see more of her so bring out her homegrowns!

  • ThatDude

    DAMN! Yo this chick hard to beat wit the photoshop, HAHZ the crowd has spoken and I concur… we want the homegrowns

  • BigBlackDude

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, all thick to take that dick! I luvs this post, good looking out Hahz!

  • IrishDublin

    Holy sh1t balls that is a shiny arse 8 out of ten for that hot moth pic 2 is my fav, she has an ass that would make you cry and go to confession.


    This is THE baddest chick ive seen on this site..Im sorry but i think i love this chick..damn she bad mann! dime off top..f*ck it!

  • flave

    Damn she bad after seeing that video she just became my favorite. I would spend all my money to get a piece of that beautiful body.

  • 4REAL


  • i luv it.

  • She’s tight, I jus’ wonder if all that butt is real, you can’t tell these days. PEACE!!!

  • Cold and hot

    Damn she just may be the next big thing, looking at the video that ass looks 100% natural all soft and spankable more of her hahz mane!

  • canarsieee

    looks to good to be true something gots to be wrong, booty just might be fake look at it real close you will see some weird lumps

  • Diamond is definetely sexy, that ass speaks for itself

  • Grymm

    She bad as fuck… but not badder than Bria!!!

  • realdeal1991

    damn she’s sexy

  • Moula

    Been on her,vid got me in the mood!

  • I like these models