Diamond Doll & Aaliyah Maria Bouncing Booties (Video)

· October 11, 2010

Diamond Doll & Aaliyah Maria join forces for a good homegrown bouncing booties cause. This is motivation to head down to Magic City Monday tonight.

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Discussion13 Comments

  1. rell says:

    i knew this wasn’t gonna live up to my expectations when i saw the video was from YouTube. if it was on wshh then we would of gotten a GOOD show.!!.

  2. B strait up says:

    well damn I see the white chicks catching up wit the sisters now,they know all the stripper moves. The one in the green g-string had 2 get a “a” in stripper class “damn” lol

    • jfizzle says:

      word ain’t never seen a white girl shake it with some rhythm. She must be a latina or a real light skinned sister. If not mad props pink toe.

  3. EazyBaby says:

    Wow. That Aaliyah Maria has some dope ass shaking control.

  4. still118 says:

    diamond doll jus moved about 5 spots on my list. i’m wit that persian persuasion…& all her body meat is real. you can tell by the way that thang shake my nig.

  5. trap101 says:

    dem broads from my neck of the woods up here in toronto. Aaliyah is a stripper as for diamond doll…even though she more like wood doll to me…..she just a groupie.

  6. moorfedayeen@gmail.com says:

    Bet a rack right now that both these broads take black d*ck by the pound. That’s why I love being black. If you got a lil swagg and you a gettin money nigg, aint no limit. They both right but momma in the thong had me convinced she was a high yellow black when she was on the floor with all that phat bouncin. Boy!

    “Err body wanna be a nigga, but don’t nobody wanna be a nigga” -Paul Mooney

  7. mr.portcity says:


  8. D says:

    diamond doll need to loose like 15 more pounds then ill say somtin bout her, aaliyah though, that white bitch can get it, she thick as fuck, whr they do that at!!

  9. gphi says:

    That’s some major booty shakin’ right there…WOO WEE…I like it. PEACE!!!

  10. zlon says:

    yea that aaliyah been shakin it at a black club for a while. i would take her over diamond whats her name.

  11. DES says:

    Aaliyah Maria without make a butta head

  12. duh says:

    Aaliyah Maria is half black she just could pass for white

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