Diamond Atl Photo Shoot Pictures

· August 2, 2011

Femal Rapper Diamond Atl launches her new site and has some new pictures from her recent photo shoot. Thoughts?


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    yuck,nope she look like a tranny to me but maybe EDDIE MURPHY mite like her hook him up wit whatever that is lmao but im passin yall!!!

  2. datnigga91 says:

    nice professional pics,she can still look sexy with sex appeal witout looking like a hooker.

  3. pimptyght says:

    she is getting worse by the year

  4. ShowYaKnow says:

    Diamond use to be my baby a long time ago, she had so much potential when she was a lil fiesty lil thing thang in Crime Mob, even vibe had her on the rise, dont know what happened though, just aint been feelin her latelay

  5. trap101 says:

    don’t let mama Scrappy catch her ass…

  6. prime706 says:

    i saw some pics of princess from crimemob she looks better than diamond now money helps people these days.

  7. HoesBoreMe says:

    Who keeps tellin this bitch that she’s a dime?!

  8. gphi says:

    She’s sexy, I could do without the yellow lipstick & yellow nail polish though. PEACE!!!

  9. Luckylibra04 says:

    She look like a man. Next please

  10. Breezy says:

    she over just da right girl for soulja boy bad music and a bad ugly girl

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