Even though Eagles DeSean Jackson was rumored to be in a financial bind before singing his recent five-year, $47 million contract it looks like he is back to ballin with his latest accessory. DeSean was spotted in the club with Teyana Taylor flossing his iced out medal. I guess DeSean didn’t get the memo that big dumb looking diamond chains are played out.

Hackers didn’t stop Teyana Taylor from showing of her body.

  • PapiChulo

    Lol great write up, but so sad ….. Like the old saying goes, a fool and his money shall part ways

    just a few months ago this fool was broke using his agent blackcard, not for living expenses, but for strip clubs and bottle services and now things like this SMH.

    And has anyone ever noticed that teyana taylor is always seen hanging around athletes who just had a breakout season or comeup in clubs, she aing making no hits, so maybe this how she get money

    • trap101

      oh come on @Papi u know they’re just “friends”….the same way she was friends with GIbson, Brandon Jennings, Amare, etc. Just friends.

    • dusty

      she wrote some of your favourite hits but you just dont know it

  • Youngflyflashy

    So what happens if/when he gets traded/cut?

  • EddieF

    SMFH! people still buying chains that big

    • Simba


      • jamar

        why do cats still care about big shiny chains…thats already so played.

  • Ike88

    he probably keeps the chain on when he smashes teyana..

    • MoorFed

      He’s cut his chest up trying a stunt like that. Big rims and truck jewelry is super played. And who Teyana trying to be? Aaliyah on the set of “Age aint nothing but a number” Where R. Kelly?

  • Jersey_brickcity

    so he was broke and living off of his agents credit card,, gets a contract that of course he could be released from at any time and he goes and does this….

  • DCAssLuva

    she is only good for posting pics cus some ppl thinks she cute she doesnt have enough azz for me cute face i guess she hasnt put out nothing musicly in years lol

  • Prime706

    I’ll smash her lil ass girl her size have deep pu$$y.

  • BzB

    chain is just too belligerent. kinda like t-pain with his chain that said “big ass chain”. clown shlt.

  • BzB

    and teyana just begging for attention (aka trying to stay relevant)

    • jfizzle

      @BzB, yeah somebody need to put her on a sex tape

  • Albert Pujols the biggest baller right now.

    $240 million dollars!!! Dayummmmmm!!!

  • uptownrae

    why do niggas keep this #5 bitch relavent other then a nice stomach then what ……….and I still don’nt know what she does she like Tommy off of Martin