Deron Williams Covers Sports Illustrated & Gets Aired Out By Deshawn Stevenson

· October 10, 2012

Brooklyn Nets all-star Deron Williams covers this week’s Sports Illustrated, in front of a Brooklyn mural. The cover headline reads

“Brooklyn Rising, the NBA feels the beat of the street.”

Standing in front of graffiti-style portraits of playground legend “Fly” Williams, historical figure Jackie Robinson, NBA hall of famer Julius Erving and Nets part-owner Jay-Z.

Deshawn Stevenson already deleted some of his tweets but dude is going at Deron Williams.

dsteve92 & JMarie ‏@DSteve92JMarie

I hate Fake Muthaf@ckers That Quit On team but talk Sh*t in Espn Mag .
dsteve92 & JMarie ‏@DSteve92JMarie

Goodnight Lame
dsteve92 & JMarie ‏@DSteve92JMarie

I hear ppl laughing but they ain’t talking!!! Win One Shots Fired
dsteve92 & JMarie ‏@DSteve92JMarie

Hello Brooklyn How Ya Doin’
dsteve92 & JMarie ‏@DSteve92JMarie

If u gonna say ppl Quit say Names I Don’t Quit I work hard period when u say that my name in it and I work hard I don’t quit!!!
dsteve92 & JMarie ‏@DSteve92JMarie

Say Names Put Address on It!!!!

Speaking of Deshawn check out his gf

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Discussion9 Comments

  1. downbydariver says:

    She got a nice lil bubble on her…

  2. PapiChulo says:

    Deshawn stevenson need to shut the fcuk up and go dance in the mirror somewhere, you are irrelevent journey man, you lame, go put another ATM machine in ya house and instagram clown azzz n.ggaz

  3. stack. says:

    So all you gotta do is come off the bench for a championship team and make a couple decent plays in the finals and you can start telling dudes twice as nice as you to “win one?” FOH N!gga lucked up.

    • PapiChulo says:

      n.gga is a duck and lame its sad because he is one of most athlethic players in league but does not have a clue on how to play ball

      • Iamme says:

        +1 don’t be mad jersey didn’t resign you, where is he even play now, the girls bubble outshines him and his career

  4. 1chilla says:

    Im not a deshawn fan but homi might ha a point d-will quit on utah

  5. LD says:

    Stevenson has heart…he manned up on lebron in the finals and had ice water in his veins during that series…..he ain’t scared on that court for sure. And he played a big role in winning his ring, so yes he can boast about it……the nets are getting the props and have not done a thing yet…..

  6. Big ALbert says:

    This twitter beef shyt is beyond lame. Deshawn has issues and needs to stfu.

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