The former NBA player has headed out to North Korea to participate in a basketball diplomacy. Issues have heightened with the US and North Korea have remained high but hopes to have some impact with the country through basketball. Rodman along with several members from the Harlem Globetrotters and film crew are  offering a sports camp for the children as well playing games with local competi*ors. Korea recently launched some nuclear test and rocket launches claiming it was for space exploration but still it is warning Washington deliberately for self defense from the US.

“At a time when tensions between the two countries are running high, it’s important to keep lines of cultural communication open, no matter how non-traditional those channels may be,” said Shane Smith, the Vice founder who is hosting the TV series. “It’s important to show North Koreans that America is not their enemy, and playing a game we both love is a step in the right direction.”

The two sides have said to be working on increasing people to people interaction and have offered to aid the area in exchange for nuclear concessions.

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