Some recent pictures of Deion Sanders bi-se*ual daughter Deiondra. Only a matter of time before the wolves of Atl get her, I seen her at the Taker’s after party last week.

1) What are some of the advantages to being Deion’s daughter?

Some of the best advantages of being Deion Sanders’ daughter are the places I go. I can you know, get backstage or skip lines. Also it’s like Superbowl alot–that’s pretty cool. And everyone knows who I am. And also another good thing is some of the stuff we get for free. That’s always an advantage!

Deiondra’s Mom Pilar is a dyme.



  • jfizzle

    She hanging with Sheeneka, you better get her PRIME, b4 she hanging with Montana!! I think Prime would whip somebody’s a$$ if they put his daughter on tape. Bi-sexual huh, I didn’t know that about her. Ain’t she like 18, they startin carpet munchin early.

  • Exclusive

    Well look how she’s hanging with: Sheneka Adams..umm we all know her track record. Well since she’s in the ATL- she’ll be picked off quickly.

  • trap101

    which Montana? De Leon? The one that has fame, yet she ain’t done no music videos, any print work, any tv work, but is for some reason a well known video hoe? That Montana? Or is it she just leeches on the newest money man in town?

    • jfizzle

      Naw dog Montana Fishburne, Larry’s daughter out there doing porn.

  • MisterMidas

    Oh Lawd she fuckin with Sheneka Adams….it might be too late to bring her back from the hoe-side now Deion. Damn, if I was famous I’d hate to have a daughter, seems like alot of em end up hoes. Or just hoes in the makin.

  • Pat

    Man she look like her lazy ass Daddy, i give her a 6. But i bet she fast in the 40…

  • mom, daughter and her friends could all get it

  • umbrook

    Pilar is Deiondra’s step-mother. Deiondra’s biological mother was Deion’s first wife.

  • trap101

    damn, i’m still feeling it for larry. Daughter went and tarnished the family name.

  • BlackLonDoNer

    Hahz my nigg why did you change the site’s lay-out? it’s so wierd now.

    • It’s going to take time 2 get used to that’s all

  • ATL Tony

    why the f*ck do everybody call him larry? is that his nickname? n*gga name is lawrence.

    • jfizzle

      That’s that old school, he was Larry in School Daze and Boys N the Hood.

  • Tone

    She looks to much like her dad.

  • zlon

    yea she do. now Pilar can get it every moment of the day and night!