Deelishis, Miracle Watts, Amazin Amie & More Headed To The Club (Poll)

· July 13, 2013



Vixens Deelishis, Miracle Watts, Amazin Amie ,Blu Gem, Tatted Up Hollyyy, Brazilian Arab, Deelishis headed out to r.i.p the club. Who looked the best?


Tatted Up Hollyyy


Brazilian Arab

Brazilian Arab_k1ru423qo1_500

Amazin Amie


Blu Gem Martinez




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Discussion35 Comments

  1. Shreen/Arab the standout. It’s a draw.

  2. Brazilian Arab & tatted up hollyy are tied for 1st!!! Everyone else looks okay

  3. MoorDetroitRed says:

    Hahz put the #TC first for a reason, now vote accordingly you squares

  4. K-iller (DaCorpNigga) says:

    Tatted up holly! That is all!

  5. RED(The Corp *Best In The World*) says:

    Deelishis & Holly

  6. Playboy69 says:

    Tattedupholly gets the STANDING OVATION!….Tattedupholly Thigh Meats looks juicy!….The Latina HEAT lives in those Thighs!….LOL!

  7. President Ward says:

    Ridin with Amazin Amie.

  8. naledgestate says:

    Amazin Amie could get bent and dominated.

  9. CityNearYou says:

    Gotta go with ms. Holly on this one. Runner up mirical.

  10. Realtalkin says:

    Not saying she the best looking but Amie look the best here

  11. miller says:

    i mean if i had to choice on which outfit i would wear it would be arab chick but im going with miracle she the best lookin overall to me meaning the prettiest so im gonna go wit miracle i think i have a new girl crush lol

  12. lazarus says:

    tatted up holly look like a plate of my mamas potatoe salad and fried chicken. SMH amazin amie and that hip to waist mayne(you gotta respect it) that ish crazy. Deelishis in third, that thang lookin swollen in that dress, you need 3 hands to deal wit all that.

  13. jfizzle says:

    Yo, trayvon martin verdict is in, not guilty

  14. seanjohn100 says:

    everyone tied for first except for blue gem

  15. jfizzle says:

    @p.ward, that’s the thing I can enjoy my life but I worry about the lives of our young brothers

  16. zone4izzy says:

    Miracle Watts all day.. she a1

  17. ginoBrown says:


  18. Quai-Quai_ 21 says:


  19. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    Miracle Watts can do no wrong!

    Dat Brazilian Arab chick looks like a Tranny lets be real

  20. Mister Mister says:

    Going with Miracle Watts

  21. AT-THE-READY says:

    All got damnit!

  22. Larcen says:

    Miracle Watts wins this but the rest of the girls in this all looking real good though

  23. no hate says:

    Amie and Deelishis are coming around the ‘CURVE’ runnin’ a tight race for first.

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