Here’s some of our favorite models headed to the night club to do what they do best.. look good and party. Their is a lot of competi*ion with big names like these Deelishis, Kathy Ferreiro, Yaris Sanchez, Miracle Watts, Keyshia Ka’oir, Ayisha Diaz, Jhonni Blaze. Who looked the best?

Yaris Sanchez


Kathy Ferreiro

Keyshia Ka’oir

Miracle Watts

Ayisha Diaz

Jhonni Blaze


Who Looked The Best?

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Via Rasheed

  • BullnBearHP

    Deelishis, Ayisha Diaz…

    honerable mention..Miracle Watts

    nuff said…

    • jamar

      im baggin up Miracle Watts and Ayisha on this one…but that Kathy chick looks the fakest.

      • Big ALbert

        I agree. Miracle always looks flawless. She’s a dime.
        Ayisha is looking the best she has after her weight gain.

    • Realtalkin


  • MoorFedayeen

    Kathy didn’t belong in this post.

  • REX

    Once u get INSTAGRAM…these pics become old but takin DEELISHIS bigbooty azz cuz I want that ya heard????lol

    • mr.p

      word…been saw these shits

  • Yaris & miracle watts look great in their underwear!!! Ayisha wearing that dress 2 def

  • Realtalkin

    Ayisha Diaz got this

  • ginoBrown

    Deelishis&Ms. Diaz yes Lord

  • Ceasar

    I see alot of yall dont like Kathy..Shiiitt i will take her in a heart beat..Im bending that over and beating that all day and i promise i will enjoy myself!! LOL!!!Deelishis is my number 1 draft and kathy is 2..

  • Playboy69

    Ayisha Diaz gets the STANDING OVATION! All the other Hoes need to sit Down because Ayisha Diaz is and FOREVER WILL BE TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!

    • we ain’t say all that lol..but yeah,ayisha looked the best here. the bonus is TF too haha,she called me cute haha

      • Playboy69

        @rasheed…. Ayisha Diaz TKO the whole post! Team Fairy Tales FLAWLESS Victory!…LOL!

  • let’s rank them,shall we?

    1.Ayisha Diaz
    3.Miracle Watts
    5.Kathy Ferreiro
    6.Jhonni Blaze
    7.Keyshia Ka’ior(even though she got more $ than all of them combined lol)

  • Larcen

    Now this is too much competition here so I cant vote on this one I’m just gone say they all looking damn good out there

  • bighomie53

    Man all y’all wrong cause ol girl in that bonus shut this post down… Do you see how far her a$$ is pokin out??? Good grief!!!!! #WP

  • missmina

    miracle watts!

  • RED 2K13

    Gotta go with Yaris and Ayisha

    Ya’ll know I used to be anti fake body but Yaris and Ayisha wear theirs well

    • RED 2K13

      I’ve been sleeping on Miracle Watts…she can get it too!

  • Southwestern

    Hahz, I been done asked you to refrain from putting other women in Ayisha’s posts. Please bruh.

  • Team tx own miracle watts won this post. She challenging maliah for that crown this year and mite get it. The crown will still belong in the great state of Texas my friends.

  • mr.p

    All the asses in this post are fake except for Miracle and Jhonni Blaze. Deelishis booty without clothing covering is a lot sloppier than it looks. PS: id still hit